Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Wild and Wondeful Wednesday

Gia and I had coffee with some girlfriends today.  Here she is with Ella and Audrey.  I visited with their mommy's Nancy and Rosie.

Really warm and sunny today.  We played in our own backyard after a little grocery shopping, and then Gia went down for a long nap, which afforded me some time to read and work a bit.  

Tonight was parent/family night at the school.  We went to McDonald's as a special treat with some of our friends beforehand.  Strange traversing the neighborhood in their cars.  McDonald's here has the glass cases of desserts and serve their tea in ceramic pots.  This coupled with movable leather stool chairs makes my nicest MAC-D (as the Aussie's say) experience yet.

 For parents night the classrooms were open to walk around and view your child's work.  Really a nice event.  Here are some of Caden's wonderful projects:

The classroom

I thought Oli and Caden's names together was so sweet.
 Here are some of the great projects from Lily's classroom:
Lily as an Eskimo

So sweet :)

The evening was capped off with tennis lessons - playing doubles with Nancy, Trenna, and Kat.  Oh my!  I have a lot of learning to do.  So very fun though to be playing night tennis!  We had the place to ourselves.  Kat brought tea for afterwards and we sat around chatting until 11pm '_'  Some interesting facts I learned:
- Tenna has a sister that is a chocaltier, about to marry a wine maker!  Perfect match!
- Kat spent her youth as a competitive Irish dancer!
- Anthony from the Wiggles is a player. :)
Off to bed I go.

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