Sunday, December 17, 2006

One Step at a Time

Here is our little peanut walking, with her trusty assistant, across the playground. Note in the one closeup the great view of her 2 little chomplers. [December 17, 2006]

Slip Sliding Away

We also tried the slide. I think I was much more excited about it than Lily. [December 17, 2006]

Monkeying Around

Lily tried her hands at the monkey bars. She has a pretty good grip! [December 17, 2006]


Gorgeous weekend! Today was 62 and sunny. We made the most of it by taking a nice long hike yesterday in Brandywine Creek State Park, and today heading to the playground. Lily loved it! A few of my farvorite swingin' shots below. [December 17, 2006]

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Family Shot

Here is the Angst family in front of the Christmas tree. Corey and I were headed out to my company holiday party. [December 9, 2006]

We've Got a 7 Monther!

Little Ms. Lily is 7 months!!! Where is the time going? She is the coolest little girl. She is so alert and fun. She loves to pull herself up on things and take little steps while holding onto hands. Not one for crawling yet. She loves trying new foods. Whatever mom and dad are eating she has to try. Just this week I was trying to smuggle bites of a cinnamon and sugar pretzel into my mouth without letting her know while wearing her in the Baby Bjorn in the mall. She was craning her head back to try and catch me in the act. It was hilarious! Needless to say she does indeed like cinnamon and sugar pretzels.

Other milestones for Lil's are that she has 2 teeth. She loves playing peek-a-boo! She makes a lot of raspberry sounds and blows bubbles. She is getting good at the ma-ma and da-da syllables. She continues to be an angel baby! We just love her to pieces. [December 5, 2006]

Enjoying the Christmas Tree

Our little cutie really loves the Christmas tree! She is pictured here wearing her fuzzy pink PJ's her daddy picked up for her in Vegas. Hmmm...I wonder how many other chicks he picked up fuzzy PJs for in Las Vegas? [December 5, 2006]

I initially snapped this photo because Lily looked so sweet and serene sleeping one morning in our bed, which she does pretty much every morning. When she got up, we couldn't believe the skeletal imprint across her chest! Very cool. [November 26, 2006].

Fall Phone Shot

I have finally pulled this fall shot off my phone of Lily with a monster leaf from our park! So it is a few weeks out of order, but definitely had to document it! [November...]

Monday, November 27, 2006

One More Elf Photo

Thank you Christin! Christin handles CapMed's marketing and was kind enough to alter the photo and remove my hair in the background. This is my current screen saver : ) [December 5, 2006]
A little out of order, but had to add this elfin shot to the Blog too, complements of Grandpa Dave. You can just see the zest for life in her little features! However the closer you look, it appears she has a ton of hair...which really belongs to her mother that was avoiding the camera. Still hoping to figure out how to crop her from the background. Welcome to feedback here...[November 23, 2006]

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Memoirs of a Geisha

A six month old Geisha that is : )

And since my 6 month old Geisha can’t actually type, below are the memoirs of the mommy of a Geisha…
We had a wonderful visit with Grandma Pfromm and Grandpa Dave. They arrived on the 22nd. Lily, grandma and me made a trip to the mall. On the 23rd, Thanksgiving day, I ran a 10K with Michelle right past the house. Lily, Corey and grandma cheered me on. Then we delivered some food to the YMCA for the Thanksgiving dinner residents there. We had dinner around 4 pm, and then went to Longwood Gardens. We came home and ate both pumpkin and pineapple pies and watched a movie. Friday we took a stroll to Brew Ha Ha, and a drive around to see the covered bridges. A lot more eating was done by all! Today, Saturday, Corey and I took advantage of our visiting babysitters and went to spinning class. We then headed to the Ashley's Post-Thanksgiving brunch, and then journeyed to West Chester for Lenka's baby shower. Grandma and Grandpa headed out on a 6pm train '_' Time goes much too quickly! We are thankful for such wonderful family and family and friends, and especially for our little Lily. [November 25, 2006]

Velour! All the rage this season!

Here is a photo of Lily and grandma, each wearing their velour leisure suits : ) [November 25, 2006]

Like Mother, Like Daughter

Lily helped her mom and grandma bake a cake for the Ashley's Post-Thanksgiving brunch. Here's a photo of Lily licking the beaters. We had to clean off her 2 teeth before bed! : ) [November 24, 2006]

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Our Little Elf : )

Lily and Grandma Pfromm Enjoying Longwood

Longwood Gardens Visit

It was a bit of a drizzly night, but we all enjoyed a stroll around Longwood to view the holiday lights. Nearly every person we saw stopped to admire our little elf. [November 23, 2006]

Off to Longwood Gardens

Lily donned her Santas Helper dress for a trip to Longwood Gardens...and her fur coat that her dad bought for her when she was only 1 week old. [November 23, 2006]

Lily's First Thanksgiving

Lily's Grandma Pfromm and Grandpa Dave joined us for Thanksgiving dinner. Lily enjoyed eating mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, squash, and of course pumpkin pie with whip cream! As you can see, she really enjoyed it! The last picture is the look on her face as she began filling up her diaper...which her dad insisted was to make room for more Thanksgiving dinner : ) [November, 23, 2006]

Almost Walking...

Here is little Lily taking some 'assisted' steps! Her parents are getting worried that she will be walking soon '_' [November 19, 2006]