Saturday, May 31, 2008

Little Man

Caden looks so grown up in these photos...despite the little yellow chick on his footed PJs : ) [May 13, 2008]

Caden and Lily's Crib

Yo, Yo, check out the crib! Caden seens to really like his crib, as does Lily if he is in it. She is really good with him! She loves to give him nose kisses and to wave his arms and legs to help him dance : ) [May 13, 2008]

South Haven

Checking out the beach [May 12, 2008]


We celebrated Mother's Day, Lily's Birthday, and Natalie's Birthday (May 12). [May 11, 2008]

Lily's Big Birthday Party

Lily opening presents...

We are holding this photo of Blake trying on his sisters clothes for bribing Blake in later years : )
[May 12, 2008]

Angel Baby

Caden looked all too cute in his "Little Miracle" outfit with wings. He looks like a little Greek God in the first shot : ) Unfortunately he has grown so quickly he has already outgrown it! [May 12, 2008]

Ready, Aim, Fire!

Caden will forever owe Aunt Mary some extra special loving after this one!!! We all laughed so hard we had tears rolling down our cheeks : ) [May 12, 2008]


Julia, Lily and Natalie

Maddie, Julia, Nat, Hanna and Lily in a box

Same as above plus Caden

Bath time in the huge master bath.

Followed by a little shower time by Maddie and Lily. [May 12, 2008]

Baby Marlee

Introducing baby Marlee! She was born 3 days before Caden and is an absolute doll!!!As you can see, they are best buddies already : )

[May 12, 2008]

Snuggle Time

Caden can never say he wasn't loved...lots of snuggle time with his family : ) [may 12, 2008]

Weighing In...

Caden's new nickname is "chubbers" : )

To which he replies, please people, will I no know end to the humiliations you have me endure?!?

At 3.5 weeks, Caden was up from his 8.1 birth weight to 11.1. At 5 weeks he is weighing in over 13 pounds!!!

Caden's Photo Shoot


Wait, is this my good side?

Corey says, this is how you do it buddy!

Which Caden finds exhausting!!!

[May 7, 2008]

Rainy Day at the Beach

We had a couple of rainy days, but still had a lot of fun. In the morning we walked to the coffee shop where we all set up our computers (and for Lily the video and for Caden, a nap on the bench) and hung out. It was fun.
In the afternoon we enjoyed some painting with Lily's new paint set.
[May 7, 2008]