Monday, November 29, 2010

Dad and Kaye to Visit

Grandpa and Lily
Lily and Caden enjoying ice cream.
[June 2010]


Watching for butterlies on the Butterfly Bush.
 And Lily just being cute : ) 
[June 2010]


As drawn by Lily, without prompting, on the white board in Corey's office.  She drew this just prior to turning 4.

St. Joe

Grandma Sandy and Grandpa Dave came for a visit and we ventured to St. Joe.  We were so excited to see 30+ dogs dotting the downtown landscape.  We had to fine EVERY ONE!!!

 Dimestore horse ride.
 The watch the sun go down.
[June 2010]

Pirate Table

A late birthday gift for the kids...
[June 2010]

Lily and Bella

Lily and Bella getting ready for their ballet debut : )

[June 2010]

Strawberry Picking

We had a great time strawberry picking.  Luckily they didn't weigh the kids before and after!  When we got home we made tons of strawberry jam.  Yummy : )

 [June 2010]

Sprinkler Time

Our little streakers enjoying the warm weather : )

[June 2010]

Lily and Elliott - Pretty as a Picture

[June 2010]

A Visit from Jack!

Jack joined us for a week in early June.  It was great!  We spent some time at the Dunes where Jack and Corey raced to the top, each with a child on their shoulders (remember I am pregnant at this point and not wanting to carry a baby up the dunes).  As you can surmise from the below, Corey did not win the race.

 Jack "jumping off".
 The polar bear plunge.

[June 13 - 19, 2010]


We took a mini-getaway to Chicago.  We stayed at the Hyatt on the Magnificent Mile where we had a spectacular view of the horses pulling carriages.  We had a couple of nice meals out, enjoyed the zoo for our first time (in the rain), and did a bike tour.

 The beautiful gardens along our bike ride route.

 [June 11 - 13, 2010]


 Lily took tennis lessons at Morris Park this summer.  Too cute!

Caden was a mostly helpful ball collector : )
[June/July, 2010]

Corey's Birthday

We had an impromptu birthday party at Morris Park with our many wonderful friends : )
[June 2, 2010]

Arizona Vacation - Part 2

Arizona continued...
 Out to dinner...

Beautiful scenery.

 The kids pool at our hotel.
 Playing in the fountains at the nearby mall.
 3 generations of Angsts : )
 Swimming with Neema and Neepa.
 Two kids ready for a bouncy off-road ride in the Red Jeep rock tour.
 The terrain.
 Our crew!
 Ready to roll...

 A little ball with grampa.
 Like his daddy in many ways - Caden always makes time for his i-Phone : )
 And Muscle-man!
 "Take me back in the pool now or I'll shoot!"
 "You heard what he said.  And I'm not afraid to use it!"
 Our last dinner out in AZ.
 Caden working on something at the dinner table after a couple of days of backup.
 "Seriously mom, no pictures".
 The final bubbly bubble bath before heading home to Indiana.
[May23 - 30, 1020]