Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sunday in Margaret River

Sunday morning we all met for breakfast at Garanup over by Margaret's Beach Resort where we stayed a few weeks back.  After a great breakfast, we headed down to the beach for a coffee from Morries Anytime, which has the great location of being right there overlooking the surf.  Our barrista was from Georgia on a one-year assignment with Morries after just graduating from culinary school.  I have added this to my Life Chart :)
The view of paddle boarders - they use the paddle to surf down the swells.

The game - Run from the waves :)

After playing around for a bit, and losing Uncle Randy on a straight trek along the ocean "we" sent hin off on that ended at the ONLY cross road where we were to pick him up (no worries, he was eventually found back at Morries - go figure?!?), we said goodbye our little Dream Cottage and went to the dreamy Leuwin Estates winery.  Corey took one for the team as Randy and I tasted 20 different wines and he played with the kiddos on the grounds.  They hold concerts here in the summer months.

The tasting room

The restaurant

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