Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Bike Unveiled

Corey picked up this bike for $3 at the ND overflow sale. It was battered with locked tires and all the chrome was rusted solid, so he decided to rehab it as his "winter project". As you can see, the bike now looks brand new...and it's not winter!
[September 12, 2009]

First Day of Preschool

What a BIG Day!!! Lily was so excited to go to school! She attends First English Lutheran with one of her very best pals, Elliott Hall. While Elliot's mommy and I were both a blubbering mess, the girls skipped off into class holding hands with big smiles : )Caden was so excited to! He seems ready to go to school too '_'
The girls when they first spotted each other in the parking lot at school.
Mrs. Obert.

The end of the first school day, the girls wanted to stick around and play some more!
We enjoyed a celebratory lunch at Panera.

[September 3, 2009]

The New Piano

Playing with the Hall's

The Day After the Game

We hung out at Notre Dame and played outside, enjoying the beutiful weather with our friends.

Here is Lily in her glory - hopefully she will grow out of wanting pink hair before she is old enough to dye it!!! Notice the "little shove" from his sister. Caden has no fear and climbs the ladders into the play set and zings himself down the slide. Nolan, Caden and Lily getting in some last bits of play time before they part ways.

Kisses or bites? We didn't wait to find out.
We stopped for a prayer at the Grotto...
And a jog : )
Love the action shots : ) Notice the SHORT skirt! Lily is 3.5 years old here, but wearing a 2T outfit. This is the only age in her life where her dad and I will let her wear something so short!
Admiring the engineering if Nolan decides to become an Engineer, we will point back to this fateful day.
[September 5, 2009]

Friday, September 18, 2009

Game Day!

The Henige's, Randy and Tom Mulcahy joined us for the first football game of the year. We LOVED enjoying the Kidder's beautiful home for pre and post-game drinks on their fantastic porch and the parking too of course!

The boys - Caden and Nolan...a few years before the real trouble begins!

[September 5, 2009]

First Game of the Season

We headed out to the first pre-grame festivities of the year, bringing along Lily's buddy (and Caden't girlfriend - those two are always kissing!) Elliott. The kids had a blast! We enjoyed a great band outside, had pretzels for dinner (sorry Stacey), watched the band march over from the Dome, and caught a bit of the pep rally. The adults were totally exhausted at the end of the day.

The Angst boys admiring the cheerleaders.
[September 4, 2009]

Kite Flying

Well, sort-of. It was a super windy day, everywhere except in our little corner of South Bend. Corey had been promising Lily to take her kite flying forever - so this was the big day. Sadly, the kites did not make it off the ground unless Corey was running at a dead sprint pulling them. Needless to say, the kites did not make it off the ground for long enough to photograph!

Lily actually snapped a few of these photos : )

[August 30, 2009]