Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Swan Valley

The morning began with superhero mask making.  I know I felt much safer with these two around!

Colleen babysits Tuesdays, so we decided to make the most of our 'adult time' and head to the Swan River Valley for coffee and wine tasting.  We began with Yahava coffee, and left with three bags plus their iced coffee mix.  So love their coffee!

Next we took Randy to the Margaret River Chocolate Cafe.  Hands down, our collective favorite was the salted caramel truffle.  Yum!

The boys from the Grove admiring the operations.
Next we headed to the Lancaster winery where you taste in a tin shed.  Although 'shed' doesn't quite do it justice.  We had the place to ourselves for a good half-hour and really enjoyed chatting with the two young staff that poured all of us (including themselves) a glass of the reserve wine not on the tasting menu :)  My favorite hand down was the Sticky Shiraz, described as the perfect complement for Sticky Date Pudding (yes Pfromm's, I will bring a bottle home).  

The wine list

Enjoying the Reserve
 We then went to a brewery called Mash for some great food.  I had the truffle duck risotto, Corey the salted squid, and Randy the steak sandwich.  While Corey and I and the kids have all adopted the word 'toilet' for the toilets in lieu of restroom, the crassness of the name was renewed by Randy adjusting to it.  We all got a kick out of dichotomy of this sign.

Lily and I went out for a bit of exercise after we were all back at home.  She rode her bike 4-5 miles while I ran.  So fun to be able to do this together!

We had salmon for dinner and were all in bed by 8.  Randy is having no problems with the time adjustment at all!  He is made to travel :)

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