Saturday, June 24, 2017

June 19 - Heading home

We began our day with some pool and sauna time.

One of the rooms at our Clarion.  Lily is watching the planes take off.  Worth noting, the espresso machine had digital sensors and turned on when we approached.  I need one.

Below Caden snapped a few photos of his favorite features of the amazing breakfast...  he focused on the technology, which was pretty cool.  I loved the 6 different types of fresh baked bread you sliced yourself, the fruits, and the organic honey that the Clarion makes itself.  Seriously.

The flight home was uneventful and went quick.  Lily slept much of the way.  Caden played games.  Gia watched movies and fell asleep the last 30 minutes of the flight.  Glad to be home!

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Milan - University of Cattolica

These photos are in no particular order, but are a few of my favorites from my time teaching Design Thinking at the University of Cattolica May 21 - June 1, 2017.
Students using the Halo-Lens at Microsoft

Chiara and Marco

A visit to the Il Vicolo art gallery

One of my regular hangouts at Panini Durini

One of the students embracing the use of Post-Its

Bodystorming exercises with UX team from Avanade

My class :)

The courtyard of Cattolica

The arch at the Castelano Park I frequently ran around.

Another Panini Durini breakfast :)

Love the fashion!

Galleria mall

Mathilda's 4th birthday party



Sunday brunch!  Eggs for breakfast are hard to come by, so was thrilled for this special treat.

This "throne" cracked me up.

Candles lit after mass at the basilica at Cattolica

 A pic of Caden's favorite dog I took for him.

Massimo and Mathilda at the Prada Art Museum we visited

Morning run

One of the cool bikes...

Dinner at Cario e Camilla... such a cool experience.  Many drink and food shots below.

Massimo's drink

Massimo, Jemimah (Paul's daughter), Paul (a visiting prof from Australia, and Chiara)

Our yummy dishes...

No words for croissants in Italy.  Here I was biding my time before meeting the students at Frog.

I LOVE Bike.Mi!  And I love how people bike everywhere.  Bikes always have a seat or two for kids and you see men and women of all ages dressed for work making there way around.

The class at Frog Design in Milan.


My pizza at Obica.  The photo speaks for itself.

Cattolica photos at night.  Sigh.

Early morning run.

Looking down the street at the Microsoft House

Another cool restaurant with Chiara introduced me too.  So cool.

My walk to class...

Looking back at where I was staying - the grey building just pass the billboard.

The aperitif we had on the last day of class.

The walkway I took many times a day...

One of the teams presenting their concept.

One of the awesome prototypes created by one of the teams in my class.

Two of my favorite people :)

The main building at Cattolica.  Inside there was a large grassy courtyard surrounded by classroom and office space.  It reminded me of Harry Potter's Hogwarts school.

My class doing their first warm-up activity

The building I was teaching in.

My first breakfast of many in Milan at Panini Durini :)  This day it was a salmon sandwich, but I typically had avacadoe toast.

Microsoft House tour

The view from Microsoft House

The presentation at Microsoft House in Milan

The monument honoring fallen soldiers right by my housing.