Friday, September 06, 2013

Picnic at Cottesloe

Weather was 73 Friday, so we headed to Cottesloe Beach picked up a few pizzas, packed some wine (which can be drank out in the open - one more thing to love about Australia) to have a picnic with some of our friends.  Lily brought along her friend Lily Hawkins, as she earned a sleepover for the perfect score she received on her spelling test.  The kids had a ball.

Building sand castles.

Our perch to observe.  Nancy and Wade pictured here.

Sun dropping further, and further down.  Getting ready to greet all of our loved ones at home. A nice thought :)

Lily and Lily

Parents and kids by the water.

Our curly blondy - telling me about a baby wanting to use her shovel.

Off to share the little shovel with the baby.

Kat and Charlotte

Kat and Oli

Smiley Oli :)

Nancy attempting to put on Oli's underwear on to show him that's OK to put your undies on at the beach.

This was a crazy, hardcore workout class that was doing reps of moving gator pushups and bear crawls across the beach to run in the ocean and touch the buoy.  Looked sooooo miserable!

Corey, Nancy, Wade, Kathleen
We were home about 7:30.  After hot baths, the Lily's watched Katy Perry in bed and drifted off to sleep.

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