Thursday, March 27, 2008

Chicago - Children's Museum

At Navy Pier we enjoyed some live Irish music before hitting the Children's Museum. It is really a toss up as to who had more fun - Lily or her daddy. There were things to build, water to play in, lots of fun things....see below.

It took a lot of coaxing to get Lily to leave the ambulance. We played in this a couple of times.

Our little fire fighter : )

The builder(s).

The water works section.
[March 15, 2008]

Chicago - St. Patricks Day Weekend

We headed to Chicago St. Patty's Day weekend. Corey and I enjoyed an excellent dinner and wonderful musical Jersey Boys, while Lily had a girls night out with Lindsay and her sister enjoying dinner out and a horse and buggy ride : )

The next day we caught the very tail end of the parade and enjoyed a stroll around the city admiring the green river. It was pretty chilly. Lily had to have the head band and called herself a 'Doodlebop'. We ended up walking all the way to Navy Pier. Lily kept tucked into my coat for most of the way. [March 14 - 15, 2008]

Trip to Michigan

Lily and I made a quick trip to Michigan the 8th and 9th to attend Blake's 3rd birthday and to see Grandma Pfromm's engagement ring from her recent trip to Hawaii. Lily had a blast with her cousins and playing at grandma's the next day.

She is a very good little traveler. We equipped the car with a video player for this trip and she LOVED it. Now everytime she gets in the car she requests - veey-o? [March 8-9, 2008]

Playing with the blocks from when her mommy was little...but she seemed to like the bucket better : ) Giddy up : ) Lily taking turns riding her mommy horse and grandma horse.

Mommy left the video off for the way home and she slept door to door!

My Little Pony

As a celebration of using the potty, Lindsday and Lily went to My Little Pony at the art center downtown. Lily loved it! [March, 7, 2008]

Friday, March 07, 2008

22 Months!

March 5th was a very big day! Lily turned 22 months, her cousin Blake turned 3, and Lily used her big girls potty for the first time - twice in one day!!!

Here she is in her "smoking jacket". Attached for ol' timesake is the photo of Lily wearing this same robe as a baby! Yikes!!! Where has the time gone?!? [May 5, 2008]

Weekend Fun

We had Lily's 'Uncle Greg' and 'Uncle Randy' visiting last weekend. Lily took in a women's Notre Dame basketball game shere she was able to sit next to the band and play with the pom-pons of one of the cheerleaders from Corey's class. Lily cried when she had to leave "No-Daym".

The next day we baked some chocolate chip cookies. Lily was eating the chocolate chips as fast as she could put them in her mouth! After her "uncles" left, she and her daddy grabbed a little shut eye.
[March 1-2, 2008]

Firehouse Tour

Lily joined her Notre Dame playgroup for a tour of the fire house on campus. Unfortunately I wasn't able to join her as I was in PA, but she did an excellent rendition of the siren by phone. [March 4, 2008]

Formal Florida Shots

We got a little carried away with "formal" family shots that the Resort offered. Below is merely a sampling! We will just draw in the new baby once we know what they look like : ) The Florida trip has quite a few postings, so as a refresher, we were there March 21-28 and had a really great time!