Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Tired Wings

Hey a young Lilybug can only fly on her own for so long. Here she takes a little break from fluttering around and hops on her Daddy for a lift.

Monday, October 30, 2006

The Family

Lilybug and her first Halloween.
[October 29, 2006].

Halloween Parade...

Our little lady bug, Lily Bug, joined her little buddies Abby and Molly for their neigborhood Halloween Parade. She started off a little less than enthused, but really enjoyed getting to see all of the other kids in costume, especially Abby the Butterfly, who was also having a good ol' time : ) [October 29, 2006]

Monday, October 23, 2006

'Doll Face'

This is a nickname her grandma gave her. I thought that she really does look like a doll in this photo. She is actually "sleeping it off" at the wine dinner : ) [October 22, 2006]

Lily's First Jazz and Wine Dinner

Lily showed Grandma and Grandpa a good time at a Caffe Gelato Wine Dinner. Bed time ran a little a late, to the dismay of her parents, as Lily took it all in. She eventually collapsed onto her mother's lap where she slept unnoticed the rest of the evening. The rest of us enjoyed some great wine and filet mignon with truffle butter. Yummmm... [October 22, 2006]


One of the tough jobs Grandma's just have to do! [October 21, 2006]

Grandma and Grandpa Angst's Visit

These two look like a team of trouble!
Lily was thrilled to have the opportunity to spend the weekend with Grandma and Grandpa Angst. They enjoyed a lot of snuggling, naps, walks in the park and playtime. Grandma actually taught Lily to leap up from her changing table to say "Surprise" to the baby in the mirror! Let the de-programming begin : ) [October 20-23].

Our Little Work-Aholic

Focus Mary Ellen, focus!!! We are never going to finish the .Net release if you don't give me some time to write the code! [October 17, 2006].

Jon and Chrissy Visit

Jon and his girlfriend Chrissy paid us a visit for the weekend. We all loved her! Especially Lily : ) We dined at Harry's Seafood for dinner and enjoyed a nice hike. And sadly, witnessed MSU take a beating from Ohio State (Chrissy's alma mater). [October 13-15]

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Packing for Boston

Packing up for Boston...she nearly forgot Quackers!

Our little 'road warrior' went from the Berkshires to Boston for a couple of nights, then spent last night in New York City. She is now in her own crib. Literally : ) [October 12, 2006]

Diaper Play

Our last morning in the Berkshires, Lily got in a little play time. I loved the lighting...and the smile is priceless! [October 9, 2006]

Sunday, October 08, 2006

First Ice Cream Cone

Although not intended, Lily had her first ice cream cone today. Mom's Heath Bar Crunch was too tempting. We did our best to keep the the Heath from her! She even held the cone herself. We are pretty certain that Lily has a new favorite food : ) [October 8, 2006]

Water Break!

Hiking makes us thirsty : ) Lily loves water bottles! [October 8, 2006]

Dad and Lily

Dad and Lily on the hike down. [October 9, 2006]

Mom and Lily

Lily and mom on the trip down from the hike. [October 8, 2006]

Hiking the Pleasant Valley Nature Conservancy in the Berkshires

This hike took us up a mountain. A bit strenuous at times, especially with the pack we were carrying with an extra 15 pounds : ) In total the hike was 2.5 hours. The views were incredible and well worth it! Lily was awesome! We swear she was singing hiking songs. [October 8, 2006]

Our Little Punkin'

We had a great time exploring Western Mass. Especially since we were seeing it through the eyes of our 5-month old! Here she explores pumpkins for her first time.
[October 7, 2006]

Pumpkin Riding

The sport is just becoming mainstream! [October 7, 2006]

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Picnic Time

We enjoyed a picnic at the apple farm. Cider and donuts had by ALL...but one '_'
[Ocyober 7, 2006]

Appalaichain Trail

We started the day with a hike on the Appalaichain Trail. We covered about 4 miles. Lily (and her parents) loved it! [October 7, 2006]

Enjoying the Garden at Rook Wood Inn

This is Lily's first morning in the Berkshires, taking a morning stroll of the grounds at our B&B. [October 7, 2006]