Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The 3rd Date

Well, Lily and Will had their 3rd date (with parental supervision]. Still no eye contact, so we think we're safe : ) Lily is 11 weeks in this photo, and will 7 weeks. Too cute. [July 23, 2006].


Mom! You forgot the pearls!!! [July 22, 2006].

Glamour Shots

Lily, in her Ann Taylor-ish outfit (gift from the Links), posing for her glam shots : ) [July 22, 2006].

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Tired of Tummy Time

Corey and Massimo look on as Lily gives in to the frustration of tummy time, taking a breather with thumb sucking. [July 9, 2006].

Just Hanging Out

Lily kicked back, wearing one of her favorite outfits from Grandma Pfromm (its the shoes) as our friend Massimo from Italy cooked dinner. [July 9, 2006].

First Shots

Lily received her 2 month immunization shots, getting stuck 4 times! It was very traumatic, especially for mom! These photos show her with her bandaids, and sleeping after a delayed dose of baby Tylenol. By the way, Lily weighed in at 11.15 pounds on this visit and is already 2 feet long! [July 7, 2006].

Tummy Time with Lily's Toy

Lily really enjoys this toy, as evidenced by her tummy time focus. [July 10, 2006].

Tricia Visit

Tricia and newly announced Baby Underwood flew in from San Diego to Providence, RI June 30 to spend some time with Lily.
[July 1, 2006].

First Annual Cape Cod Vacation

The whole Angst family poses for a photo for the first annual vacation. [June 30, 2006].


Julia, Lily, Hanna, Natalie, Blake, and Madelyn posing on the porch at our house in Cape Cod. [July 1, 2006].

Martha's Vineyard

Lily snuggled up with Aunt Lindsay on the windy, drizzly day we spent at Martha's Vineyard. [June 28, 2006].

Morning Snuggles

Lily spent many a morning waking up on Grandma Angst : )
[June 28, 2006].

Cape Cod Sunset

Lily enjoyed her first sunset on the beach. It was beautiful! [June 27, 2006].

Tide Walk

When the tide was out, the beach extended for a mile. We strolled out to the waters edge and found little sand dollars along the way. The tide came back in rapidly. The picture on the right is Corey and Lily heading back in. [June 27, 2006].

Ms. June

Ms. June for the swimsuit issue. This is adorable Lily in her first swimsuit. [June 26, 2006].

Mother and Daughter on the Beach

Mother and daughter enjoyed hanging out on the beach. [June 26, 2006].

Lily and Maddie

Maddie was adorable with her little cousin "Lee-Lee", constantly offering to hold her. [June 30, 2006].

Beach Time

Lily, mom and dad enjoying the twilight hours on the beach. [June 30, 2006].

Lily Meets her Cousins

Cape Cod was Lily's first time meeting all of her cousins. You can see by this photo that they hardly gave her any attention at all! : ) [June 26, 2006].

Dipping Toes in the Ocean

Lily touched her first ocean in Cape Cod. [June 26, 2006].

Early Morning Beach Walk

Our second morning in Cape Cod was beautiful and sunny. We all took a stroll along the beach. Lily got a ride from Grandpa Angst [June 27, 2006].

Screen Porch

Lily loved the screened porch. She spent countless hours feeling the Cape Cod breeze in her hair as she snuggled, dined, and napped [June 26, 2006].

Cape Cod House Rental - A Walk in the Rain

Our first morning in Cape Cod Corey, Lily and I headed out for a rainy walk on the beach. [June 25, 2006].