Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Football Practice

Lily (and her mom and dad) were able to watch the Notre Dame football team practice for Faculty Appreciation Day! It pays knowing the right people : ) Since it was a rainy morning, practice was moved in doors to the middle of the track. Lily had her own name badge which she thought was really cool. We all loved watching the players. Corey actually got to meet them at the end. [August 23, 2007]

Move to South Bend

August 19, Grandma and Grandpa Angst picked up Lily and me from Grandma Pfromm's and drove us to South Bend. Corey, Jackie, and our good friend Randy were happy to see us. We are loving our new home! [August 19, 2007]

Stag Island 5

OK, to wrap it up, here are a few different shots of Lily enjoying her vacation. Of couse they include eating ice cream, playing with her new rock collection, and enjoying being outside. Lily is the 5th generation Hale to spend part of her childhood summers here![August 15 - 18, 2007]

Stag Island 4

Uh Oooooh! Is what Lily said after the lid finally popped off this enormous tin of popcorn after touting it around day after day. Not one to miss an opportunity, she sat right down and dug in : ) [August 15 - 18]

Stag Island 3

We took a walk to the south end every night. Lily loved to pick the wild flowers, especially Queen Ann's Lace, to sniff (and have others smell) and to tickle her mommy's and grandma's chins : ) Lily had her first, albeit short, wagon ride too. [August 15 - 18]

Stag Island 2

We spent a lot of time at the beach (the Clover's / Grueben's beach in particular). Lily plucked her very first wing fossil off this beach as a matter of fact! She loved playing in the sand and water. Here Lily lounges with Grandma Pfromm and Grandpa Dave. [August 15-18, 2007]

Stag Island 1

Stag Island served as my and Lily's "halfway house" while our furniture, car, cat, and Corey drove to Indiana. Lily and I had a blase with Grandma Pfromm and Grandpa Dave. Lily LOVED the trampoline! [August 16, 2007]

Lily and Will's Goodbye

Lily and Will posed for a couple of shots...and Will "lovingly stroked" Lily's cheek : ) They and their parents were pretty sad saying goodbye...for now. [August 12, 2007]

Girls Gone Wild (Toddler Girls that is)

Topless swimming, ice cream, smooches and baths! Oh my! : ) We had a fun girls night with the Alexander's. Alicia and I enjoyed a bottle of wine, while the girls had a great time playing. [August 10, 2007]

Baby in Blue

Just a few cute shots of my gal in Wilmington, hanging out and practicing for drivers training. [August 10, 2007]

Looooooong Baby

Corey and I can't believe how long she is getting! [August 6, 2007]

Lily is 15 Months!

So hard to believe our baby is 15 months! Look at how little Pooh is getting in comparison to our growing baby. Lily tried to give Pooh a drink out of the bird bath : ) My favorite shot is the second one. [August 5, 2007]