Monday, November 03, 2008

Elvis Sighting in South Bend

There was an Elvis sighting in South Bend...and a couple of groupies! I LOVE the matching Elvis outfits : )

Smooches for Elvis!

Baby Elvis up close!

Uncle Randy (aka Norm) came for a visit and passed out candy while we took the kids out Trick or Treating in their new wagon.

Enjoying the loot. Even Caden tried to sneak in a Snickers bar!
[October 31, 2008]

Halloween at ND

The ND students hosted a Halloween event for the kids on Thursday. Lily's little friend Elliott and her mommy Stacey joined her. The kids had a blast in the jumpy castle and running around.

Afterwards the kids enjoyed "coffees" at the Student Union : )

[October 30, 2008]

Caden Eating Solids

Caden has started eating solids! We had some great results with two 6 hour sleeping stretches, which have been interrupted by two little teeth coming in '_'

Sleep deprived Mommy

[October 2008]

Grandma Pfromm & Grandpa Dave Visit

We had grand plans of apple picking that were sidelined by the rain. We still had a fun weekend filled with cookie baking...

we attended music class Saturday morning and made a visit to the pumpkin patch Saturday afternoon, followed by some pumpkin carving...
And coffee after church.

October 24 - 26, 2008]

Caden's Photo Shoot

Well, sort-of a photo shoot. We had family photos for our church and had to wait nearly an hour to review them and pick out our family photo for the directory '_' So to pass the time Lily hopped around and danced to make Caden crack up.

[October 20, 2008]

Trip to Chesaning and meeting Nolan

We headed to Chesaning for Greg Ruddy's big 4-0! Mel pulled off a great surprise party!
The next day we visited the new adorable Nolan Henige! He is such a tiny peanut! So hard to believe he and Caden are just 5 months apart!
Corey, Nolan and Lily. Lily, Nolan and me.Corey, Lily and Caden looking all cute at the Heniges.

[October 19, 2008]

Philadelphia Visit

We headed from Chicago to Philadelphia for my work. We spent 2 nights in Philadelphia. The weather was perfect and we enjoyed a carriage tour of the city, ran into some old friends and did some shopping. It was great!
Lily pictured with Lucy and Audrey Flannagan.
The third night was up by my office. Lindsay, Lily and Caden had a great visit to Princeton.

We ended up giving up our seats on our flight home Friday and stayed a fourth night. We each received a roundtrip ticket and a total of $1oo in airline food vouchers in the airport. We spent $60 on cookies at Mrs. Fields and brought a cookie feast to the Alexanders for a last-minute visit!

Chicago Marathon

We all headed to Chicago October 10 for the Marathon on the 12th. Lily had a big day with Lindsay that Saturday. Below they are enjoying High Tea at the Drake! Lily has become quite proficient at hailing cabs with one hand on her hip as she waves for a cab. She has also become quite proficient at the concept of a credit card! There was a credit card machine in the back of one of our cabs and she said, "Let's charge it mommy! Can I use the card?" We are in BIG trouble! Here Lily and I posed with the Great Pumpkins before heading over for our pre-race pasta dinner.

We finally saw our Angst Family supporters at mile 16 and they managed to snap this photo of Teresa and I as we went by in a blur...well almost a blur. We were certainly blurry if you squinted your eyes a lot and looked towards the sun! : )

Here we are after the run sporting our finishing medals, our big muscles, and our Autism awareness tatoos (we ran for the Organization for Autism Research in honor of Abbey).
We stayed in Chicago a few days at our wonderful friend's condo. They had a great sink/bath for Caden. Lily is really in to washing hair, as long as it is not her own, and is lending a hand.

Next stop...Philadelphia!
[October 11, 2008]

Miscellaneous Lily Shots

Here are a few cute shots of Lily that her daddy took with his new i-Phone while I was traveling. It is such a treat getting photos while on the road! Apparently this candle was lit and re-lit, as Caden was cracking up as she blew it out.