Sunday, July 22, 2007

Scenic Lake - Uncle Troy and Aunt Mary's House

Plant one on me... cousin?

Thanks for getting between these two, Maddie.

Grandpa Pfromm and Uncle Jimmy in Michigan

We met Lily's Grandpa Pfromm, Ninny, Uncle Jimmy and auntie Andrea for dinner. Uncle Jimmy and Aunt Andrea then came back to Uncle Troy's for some skiing. [June 22, 2007]

Cape May, NJ

Our friend Mary Ellen invited us to spend the weekend at her sister's beach house in Cape May. We had a blast! On the drive down, we stopped at a couple of farm markets and bought peas and strawberrys. Lily loved eating the fresh fruits and veggies! At Cape May we ate mussels, cooked by Corey, drank wine, and lounged on the beach. It was a fantastic getaway! [June 8-10, 2007]