Thursday, January 29, 2009

Welcome to the 70's

Scott, Micki, Elvis and Me doing that 70's thing for a friend's party.

Barbie and Ken?!?

Ken scored big with all the ladies...pictured below with Beth.

Carrie and Joe Queenan.

Elvis and Priscilla...or Priscilla's disco-queen sister. When Caden saw me he started with a lip quiver and then began to wail!

A good time had by all!

And back at home, Lily and Grace fast asleep...

[January 24, 2009]

Caden is 9 Months

Caden is 9 months! You can see that mouth full of teeth - 5 in all!
He continues to be feisty when he doesn't get his way!
He and Lily have begun to play more together. Here they cook up some trouble in their kitchen.

Lily Bug in the kitchen.
[January 24, 2009]

Lily's First Ice Skating

We went out to the Howard Ice Rink for Lily's first skating. She did great! She kept saying, "This is slippery!" So we then skated around and around with me holding her between my legs. Eventually we fell - which hurt a lot more than I remembered!!!

[January 18, 2009]

Friday, January 16, 2009

Pizza Night

The Kidder's and Hall's came over for pizza night. It ended with the father's and daughters watching Tinkerbell while the mother's enjoyed wine in the other room. Love it!

[January 9, 2009]

Girls Day Out

After Elmo we all went to the Chocolate Cafe. The girls are so cute together! I love these photos. What wasn't captured was Lily sneaking jell beans out of the dispenser : )

[January 4, 2009]


We had a girls day out to see Elmo! Mikki, Gracie, Stacey, Elliott, Lily and Me. It was actually a pretty good show, despite the entrapment for the $8 Elmo baloon.

[January 4, 2009]

Monday, January 05, 2009

The Boys on New Years Day

Caden, Nolan and Uncle Greg looking too cute! And yes, they were watching football.

[January 1, 2009]

Friday, January 02, 2009

Sand Toy

Well, we finally broke out the sand toy that Lily received from Grandma Pfromm and Grandpa Dave...and now we have packed it up to take to Grandma Pfromm's for good! What a mess!!! We spent 10x more time cleaning up than playing. Lily loved it thought. Thanks guys '_'[ January 2, 2009]

Oh My!

Daddy helped Lily to get dressed New Years day...and this was the result! It took me a while to stop laughing! Good thing she is sooooo cute - regardless of what she wears!
[January 1, 2009]

Nolan and Caden - New Years Eve

The youngest crew at our New Years Eve celebration this year - Nolan and Caden (3 months and 8 months respectively)! It is going to be fun watching these cuties grow bigger together.

This cheap shot was captured on camera so that Nolan can get revenge when he's able to sit up on his own... : )
[December 31, 2008]

What a Hat!

This is Caden's Christmas hat from the Loewe Christmas party : ) [December 30, 2008]

The Pied Piper

This is my first groupie! Lily loves the flute playing. I like it that for the first time in my life someone actually asks me to play : )

[December 29, 2008]