Thursday, September 26, 2013

Margaret River - Thursday Arrival

We decided that 3 1/2 weeks was not quite long enough for the kid's school break, so we pulled them out of school at lunch time on Thursday to head to Margaret River to be sure they had a full 4 weeks.  Well, not entirely true, but we did have to book a 3-night stay due to Monday being a holiday (they celebrate the Queen's birthday, despite her actual birthday being in May !) - and since Corey had to head to Broome on Monday with the students, staying the Sunday night was not an option.

We arrived around dinner time, so we first stopped at Cheeky Monkey - a brewery well known for some great children accomodations.  Unfortunately they were just closing down the kitchen, so we squeezed in a bit of wine tasting (and purchasing), and did a quick play outside.

The gounds

The great slide race :)

And they were off!

Okay - after wine tasting, I may or may not have just picked up Gia around her waist with my scarf, causing her little open laughing mouth to fill with  sand as she tipped face first.

The view from the play area

So next we stopped in M. River for some pizza (chicken-pumpkin pizza was divine!) and sushi to take back to our rental - Bushy's Dream Cottage.  Gorgeous little place (gorgeous is definitely an Australian word used quite a bit here with 'gor' part drown out to sound a bit more like 'gooar-ges').

The cottage was heated by a wood burning stove, which kept Corey and Randy "entertained" for hours!

The kid's beds
Uncle Randy's room

My and Corey's bed
The layout upstairs

Looking down from the loft

Just another view

View from the back porch
 The grounds were beautiful, set on a little lake with a swing.  At night the frogs were so noisy they drowned out the sound of the TV on below.  Really a wonderful spot.

We saw a lot of kangaroos on this visit south.

We played a bit of Twister and Uno.  So fun to have the kids a bit older to play games.

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