Saturday, September 27, 2008

U of M Football Game

Tom, Missy, Blake, Marlee and Neema and Neepa Angst all came down for the weekend. Tom, Neepa, Corey and I went to the game. It was a great game despite a lot of rain.
Below are the only boy far.
Here is Tom in the pouring rain watching U of M get slaughtered : ) Does that smile look a little forced?
[September 13, 2008]

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Cute Kids

Despite appearances, Caden is not nakee here, but enjoying the exer-saucer in his diaper : ) This photos was taken at Stag Island. Lily had to wear Notre Dame but had no ND clothes packed, so she wore my t-shirt as a dress for the day : )
[August, 2008]

Monday, September 08, 2008

Stag Island

We spent a week at Stag Island. For the first couple of nights we were joined by our good friends Mike, Tammy, Will and Jason Altman.
Will, Jason, Lily and Caden.
Boating in front of our cottage. Tammy, Will, Lily and I then did a little float down the river in an inner tube. It was Lily's first : )

Mike pulling Lily and Will in the wagon.

Running through fields of gold...
Jason and Caden are just over a month apart. Here they set out to race across the was a tie, as neither really moved an inch. They are clearly going to be good buds!
On our walk to the head of the island we enjoyed looking for wing fossils and playing with stones.

We did a little jumping on the trampoline too.

We then bid a sad farewell to our friends as they took the ferry back across the river.

But next came Grandma Pfromm and Grandpa we had more folks to take turn with holding our little Chubbers.

Swimming down at the Gruben's beach. Caden loved the water! And Lily warmed up to it too!

Lily helped Grandma Pfromm make cookies. She is a great taster!
Lily loves the cottage. She loves running around in her swimsuit and not wearing shoes.
Here the cool little diva prepares for a walk.
Here we prepare to set off on a BIG walk to the dunes on a wing fossil hunt. Lily rode the entire way down in the wagon, and then pulled the wagon on the way back. Our hunt yielded only 3 fossils. A pittance compared to the old days.
Here Daddy and Caden had some tummy time.
Lily was shocked to head upstairs to the bedroom and find a dolphin in her bed! Compliments of Grandpa Dave.

Lily wearing Grandma's crocks.

And playing with her new "pish" stickers.
[August 13 - 19, 2008]

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Cute Kids

ND Football Practice

Caden's Baptism

Caden was baptised on August 10, 2008 at the log cabin where Notre Dame began in the 1800's by Father Tom Jones.

Here is the log cabin with Lily and Blake posing in front.

The Lily and Blake Polo spread.

The cousins had a great time running around.
The ceremony was beatiful! Very personal and intimiate.

Father Tom Collins baptised Caden.

Aunt Missy and Uncle Tom are Caden's Godparents.

Afterwards we went to the Grotto and lit a candle for Caden. Lily does great with candle lighting : )

Caden with Grandma Pfromm and Grandpa Dave.
Caden with Grandma and Grandpa Angst and Aunt Lindsay.
We then had a party back at our house.
The Angst Boys. Funny that the 4 month old has the most hair of all of them : )

After the party we were all pooped. Caden snuggled up with his namesake Uncle Chubbers, er, I mean Uncle Randy...

And they both drifted off to sleep.
Lily passed out in mid-play.

[August 10, 2008]