Saturday, September 28, 2013

Saturday in Margaret River - leading up to the Dockers Grand Final

Randy and I made the run into M. River and came back with more chocolate croissants.  The 'Gang of Angsts' then packed up and headed to the A'Mazen maze of Margaret River, giving Randy a brief interlude of peace.

The maze was truly A-Mazing!  The walls of the maze are a good 12+ feet tall, sculpted out of evergreen.  The two dogs that lived there, Max and Frank, kept us company throughout.
See Lily peeking around the corner?
We spent a good 90-minutes searching for our exit before the kids could no longer tolerate it.  We were sooooo close!  We were convinced that Max and Frank were talking in dog language about how ridiculous we were in our attempts at the maze.  They would bark, and we would follow, until they cut through the walls - which mind you we were not above doing at some points, but we couldn't fit!

We made it to the middle...
We were intending to have lunch at Leuwin Estate, but decided to cancel once we confirmed there was no TV on premise.  We headed to Olio Bella instead, and then on to Cheeky Monkey (the brewery where Gia has been known to eat sand) to watch the game.  The kids totally ran amok, playing in the stream and running around, getting completely covered in mud.

Unfortunately despite repeating, 'Go - The Dockers' continuously and having purple painted toenails, they did not win.

Afterwards we stopped for some cheeses to complement our wines.  If someone ever offers you a large sum to eat Margaret River Blue Cheese - don't do it.  Just walk away.

We made a visit to Cape Mentel, another stunning property.  The young lady pouring wine was about to leave for Hawaii to watch her mother compete in the Iron Man.  Her mother 'got into running' at the age of 47, and is now the world champ for the iron man for her 62-year-old age group.  There is hope for me yet!

We sat by the fire at Bushy's sipping our wines, listening to the frogs, and eating the edible cheeses we procured.  Ahhhh...

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