Friday, September 20, 2013


Friday was supposed to be Sport Day, where the kids compete in various sports split into their various factions, however it was postponed for rain.  The school had organized for students and spectators to order either sushi or 'sausage sizzle' - so we still had a lunch to pick up.  So Corey, Gia and I spent the morning at Gia's favorite coffee shop, Hubble, and then met Lily for lunch.
Curly Girly doing some iPad coloring
 Our little lunch buddy :)
 All of the kids eat out in the same pavilion area they use for assembly and tennis.  When they are done eating, they raise their hand until they are individually dismissed to go outside of the pavilion to play.

Friday evening we all rode bikes to Salt on the Beach for the kids night and met a couple of other families there.  The kids had a blast with face painting and an in-door play set.  And it was fun riding home in the dark too under the full moon.  BIG thanks to the Potter's for loaning Gia and me the plush ride.

The view from the Salt on the Beach

Caden and Oli

Lily drew out her own design for the face paining fairy.

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