Monday, February 28, 2011

Gia in roses

I was able to get some great video footage of her smiling too.  She is such a smiley baby!
[February 25, 2011]

More Pizza!

Six weeks in a row now Bruno's has put up with our 25+ group.  Too fun!   
 Lucy, Bella and Lily at their very own table.
 Piggy back rides from Vivan : )
[February 25, 2011]

Skating Friends

Lily and Bella looking cute as can be at open skate after their lessons.
[February 25, 2011]

Snuggle Bugs

And yes, all five of us were sleeping in the queen-sized bed at the same time.  Or at least some of us were sleeping while other's of us were laying awake wishing we were!!!
[February 22, 2011]


[February 21, 2011]

Chubby Balerina

Gia's recent weigh-in at the doctor's reporter her in the 90th percentile at 13 pounds : )  Too sweet!
[February 17, 2011]

Sleeping Angel

This could be Lily or Caden if Gia had more hair : )

[February 16, 2011]

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

 We had a fun Valentine's Day!  The day started with tulips the kids picked out for Novlin, and a heart they decorated.  Novlin treated the kids each with their own baloon.  And Corey and I hid chocolate hearts for the kids around the house.

We had a candlight dinner of leftovers : )  And then made heart-shaped brownies in honor of my childhood tradition of making heart-shaped brownies for Uncle Jimmy.  When I suggested that we take a picture to send to Uncle Jimmy Caden said he didn't want to share!


After a little wrestling and some dancing, we kicked back for a bit before bedtime.  Gia's cartoon bubble would read, "Big Whoopee."

[February 14, 2011]

Daddy-Daughter Dance

Corey and Lily went to the daddy-daughter dance at Morrice Park.  Lily wore her beautiful new dress from her Angst cousins, and her new princess makeup from Santa!  She looked so beautiful! 

Corey says it was very emotional as the DJ talked about someday dancing with your little girl at their wedding someday (sniff, sniff).  As he danced her around the room his wistful thoughts were interrupted when Lily asked, "Daddy, can I go dance with my friends now?"

[February 13, 2011]

Running Weather

We were treated with weather in the 30's so Lily and I went for a run to enjoy it!  She ran a little over 1/2 mile with me - and fast!  She is quite the athlete : )

[February 13, 2011]

Grandma Sandy and Grandpa Dave to Visit

Corey had his first trip away from all 3 kids when he flew to Florida for a couple nights.  Grandma Sandy and Grandpa Dave came down to visit and help!  They had a chance to see the little skaters (and for grandma to skate), babysat the girls while Caden and I went out on the town, and we all enjoyed a trip to St. Joseph together for the ice festival.

 Watching the carousel go round in the rockers.
 Our happy little girl!

 We had a chance to do 3 merry-go-round trips before enjoying a magic show.  We had a great time!
[February 12, 2011]

Celebrating John Peter!

Caden LOVES to talk about his friends John Peter and Teddie.  They come up dozens of times each day with things he would like and not like to share with them, things that they like, cakes he will bake them for his birthday.  It is really quite sweet.  So it was a dream come true that Caden had a play date with his little buddy, without his sister joining in, to celebrate John Peter's birthday at the Chocolate Cafe.  Here the boys opened JP's present.

Caden was so excited about this green balloon - until he popped it about an hour later! : )
[February 12, 2011]

Trip to the Dentist

Lily made her second trip to the dentist and acted like the old pro she was.  She even held her own suction-thingy.
 Caden had his first trip.  He did awesome!  He had a chance to watch Lily first and then decided he wasn't up for it, despite the much talked about anticipation of a new toothbrush.  He kept showing his teeth saying that were pretty teeth already and he didn't need to see the doctor : )

[February 8, 2011]


Lily continues to be all about Gia!  So sweet!  Lily, remember this when you are older.  You adore having your little sister with you at all times!!!

[February 6, 2011]

Mini Skating Pros in the Making

Every Friday we have ice skating.  The kids are doing great!  Caden has graduated from his walker, but still is read to be done after about 20 minutes.  Lily is finally staying warm enough the whole class and having fun with her buddies that the time flies by for her.
 Me and Caden.
 Lily and Lucy
 Our little skating pro.
 Lucy, Bella and Lily...
 Caden on his own.  As he tells everyone, "I skate wi-out anyting."
 Go Lily, Go!
 The crazy crew at Bruno's after skating.  We had a long banquet table to accomodate our group of 24!
Shamus and Felicia chatting with baby Gia.

[February 4, 2011]