Friday, September 06, 2013


Last night Gia came into our room asking where Lily was.  I responded sleepily, in her bed.  To which she replied, 'No she's not.  Where's Lily?'  Freaked me out, so I went running in, and she was sound asleep.  Gia must have been having a bad dream.  So of course I had the discussion with the kids that if anyone ever did try and take them, to scream, no matter what they say.  And then the discussion starts about how they could get in the house.  I say they can't get into the house.  Door are locked.  Then, "Well why would we scream?"  And, "Could they break the window with a rock?"  Ugh!  Caden hid his seashells so a robber doesn't steal them :)

Here are my sleeping angels.  Caden on the top bunk, Gia on the pullout.  Lily's bed touches the other end of Gia's.  Spare room sits awaiting guests... :)

This is the morning routine.  This heater is designed to heat the whole house.  The kids sit right in front of it - pushing me out of the way :)

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