Sunday, April 25, 2010

Fo' Mommy

Caden picked every single daffodil in the backyard.  When scolded he says, "Fo' Mommy" which is too cute to resist : )  We are doing our best to protect the flowers in the rest of the neighborhood, but it is not easy!

(April 9, 2010)

Friday, April 09, 2010

Playing at the Kidders

The Kidders treated us to a wonderful dinner for my birthday : )  Gorgeous day!  Lily and Grace are an even match on the teeter-totter.
[March 31, 2010]

Florida Vacation - Day 5+

The rest of our vacation was spent enjoying the pool, visting Auntie-Boo, and a day at Animal Kingdom.  We ended the vacation with our 15th pizza dinner!!! : )

[March 9 - 12, 2010]

Day 4 - Magic Kingdom Part II

Our first ride of the day was Dumbo, followed by the carousel, then Small World.  The hit of the day was clearly Poohs Corner : )
[March 8, 2009]

Day 4 - Magic Kingdom

Monday we set off for the Magic Kingdom.  We started the day with breakfast at the Grand Floridian, and then took the tram over to start our day with Lily's princess makeover at Bibity Bobity Boutique. The makeover was too cute!  And Lily of course went with pink hair : )
[March 8, 2010]