Sunday, December 28, 2008


Grandma Pfromm, Uncle Jimmy and Aunt Andrea came to South Bend from Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. It was a truly wonderful holiday!!! We attended Christmas Eve mass at the Bascilica of the Sacred Heart at Notre Dame and had dinner at our house afterwards. Next came the traditional marble game (Andrea won '_') and the elves brought new Christmas PJs!

Christmas Day Santa brought a train set that was set up in front of the fire. We lounged in our PJ's ALL DAY and played with our toys, read some books, and tried out Corey's new Wii.
Here Lily opens the present the Elves left at our door. It was filled with new PJ's for all!

The new train set Santa left for both Lily and Caden. Very cool!!!
Caden in his Christmas jammies.
James and Andrea.
Caden with his Uncle Jimmy.
Caden with his Grandma Pfromm.
A Lily present.
Lily and Grandma enjoying cocoa while watching the Wii competitions.
Game on.
Enjoying books...for hours : )
Christmas Day brunch.
We opened up our stockings in bed, as we were already in our PJs : ), and enjoyed the loot.
Lollipops and toenail polish with jewels! Lily said to me while I was painting her toed, "Mommy, you do a good job at this!" It cracked me up. And yes, I will do it more often for her now.

[December 24 - 25, 2008]

Christmas with Lindsay

We had our Christmas with Lindsay on the day before Christmas Eve. It was a lot of fun : ) Lily's favorite gift!
[December 23, 2008]

Gingerbread Train

Lily had Gracie Kidder over to build a ginger bread train with Lindsay, while the parents went out for dinner. Fun was had by all! Lily and Gracie are 1 day apart in age and even sound the same when they talk. Too cute!The masterpiece!
[December 20, 2008]

Mr. and Mrs. Bevan

This is a bit out of order, but Corey and I travelled to Philadelphia for our first weekend without the kids in October for Michelle and Jakes wedding. It was beautiful and we had a blast!!!

[October 4, 2008]

Mendoza Holiday Party

We hosted our second annual Mondoza Holiday party. This year there were a few hot gifts - the lava lamp, the solar-powered Santa lawn ornament, and the remote-controlled hellicopter. Apparently the garden dome made another showing, but was picked up early by some folks that had to leave early.

Here J-Dar gets more baby practice... : )

[December 18, 2008]

Mommy's Boy

This is Caden crying for me when I walked by...he is really a mommy's boy right now. Hopefully he loves his Mommy this much in his teenage years!!!
[December 2008]

Who's Watching Who?

Mr. C at nap time. He was cracking me up! [December 2008]

East Coast

Shortly after Chicago we headed to Philadelphia, Wilmington and Washington DC for an east coast tour...and a test of patience with air travel! We had 7 hours of delay on our way out with cancelled flights. The bulk of which was spent in the airline terminal. On our way home, we spent an extra 10 hours - on the plane! It was brutal. However now we know the kids will have no problem with a flight to Europe...or Australia!?! Ugh!

We spent the first few nights in Philly. Lindsay took the kids to the Children Museum. They also visted the Reading Terminal and took in the light show and some shopping at the Macy's right across from our hotel.
Checking out the lights in the hotel lobby.

Swimming in Philly.
Big shoes to fill.

Walking is not too far off.
Lily can get her own Dora shoes on...but seems to have forgotten the rest of the outfit.

Sharing a Pretzel Dog in the Reading Terminal.
The boys having some down time while the girls shopped.
Bath time! For a little girl that hates to have her hair washed she sure loves washing others!
[December 11 - 16, 2008]

Chicago with Neema and Neepa Angst

We spent the weekend with Neema and Neepa in Chicago at the Marriott on the Magnificent Mile. It was a great location and the city was very festive. Only problem was poor little Caden was sick! He had a double ear infection and a runny nose, so he stayed mostly inside aside from some trips to the pool and of course high tea at the Drake.
Lily was the only one of us that had ever been to high tea at the Drake before, so we all took our cues from her : )
Neema and Lily.
Our hotel was right next to the Lego store. Lily had a great time...almost as much fun as her father who was trying to convince me that we should buy the Lego city with the highest level of difficulty "for the kids".
There was a little lego table set up for the kids to play at where Lily made a little friend and played the entire time we were in the store.
I love her little red coat and hat. Everyone who saw her commented what a cutie she was!

[December 5 - 7, 2008]

Oh Christmas Tree

When we left for church it was quite warm. So much so I did not even have on a coat, just a blazer. As we headed to the tree farm, the weather got much chillier! We spent a good 20 minutes in front of the fire drinking cocoa before venturing out to cut down our tree. It was so cold! I had Caden in the Bjorn with a blanket wrapped around him and carried Lily on my hip. She kept saying, "Mommy we need to go inside". So after selecting our tree the kids and I ran for cover and left poor Corey to cut down the tree and drag it back himself '_'

This is the road we were traveling on with the tree strapped on. I forgot to take pictures of the process.

And here is the tree decorated in all of its glory in our home : )

[November 30, 2008]

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Princess Lily in Brown

Lily and I wore brown dresses (the new black) to Diana's baby shower. [October 25, 2008]

Christmas Photo Shoot

Our good friend Emily came over with her special camera to do a Christmas photo shoot. 500 photos later...these are our favorites. Thanks Emily!!!

[December 3, 2008]