Saturday, March 17, 2007

Love That Hair

Lily's hair is really getting long! I think it is lighter too! [March 7, 2007]

Missing Daddy

Well, sort-of. Corey was interviewing at U of MI, which gave Lily a bit more room in our bed, and she didn't have to share his pillow! : ) [March 9, 2007]

Lily and Will

Lily and Will got together for pizza last week. Their little personalities are really beginning to show through. This visit, Will seemed to be showing an increased interest in Lily whereas she was being more shy! Or playing hard to get... : ) She definitely has crawl envy! Lily was trying to keep up with her impression of an injured soldier dragging himself across a battlefield. [March 9, 2007]

10 Months!!!

Oh my goodness! Where is the time going! Lily has been out of my tummy for longer than she was in (although just barely). She brings so much happiness to our lives. Here are some swimsuit shots of our little peanut. She is getting very close to walking, getting by with holding one hand, but we are not there quite yet. She gives big open mouth kisses now, blows kisses, and loves to dance. She is the best! [March 5, 2007]
This is the benchmark bear that used to just be propped up next to here...

Our little ham really seems to be getting comfortable in front of the camera. Not sure why! : )

Give me an 'N'

You think I'm starting a cheer for Notre Dame...when really it is for NO tuition for our kids if Corey works here : ) Our little angel loved the pompons. Sadly, for both Lily and the bookstore, we did not actually buy any of these items we dressed our child up in. I am sure that must happen frequently, right?!? However her cousin Blake did get a ND jersey for his big -02- birthday. [March 3, 2007]
PS Check out those chompers. 6 and counting...

Lily Meets Gracie!

My girlfriend Kris (Hoy) Swanson, her huband Brian and her little girl Gracie who is about 4 months younger than Lily, recently moved to Indiana about 45 minutes from Notre Dame. It was fun to get the girls together! Lily REALLY liked Gracie. I think Gracie is not so sure about little Lily just yet : )

We had a nostalgic dinner of chicken wings, reminiscent of our old MSU days at BW3, followed by a visit to one of our new favorite locations...the Chocolate Cafe. I think it was actually our 3rd trip that day : ) [March 3, 2007]

Notre Dame Graffiti

If you have an analytical mind like mine (ha), you too may be wondering how Lily was able to write so high on that big white board! We'll just have to take her dad's word for it, as he was the only one there to see! [March 2, 2007]

Notre Dame Bookstore

We enjoyed some live Irish music in the Notre Dame bookstore. I couldn't resist these photos of Lily and her dad watching intently. They could be related! : ) [March 3, 2007]

Visit to Notre Dame

Lily made her first visit to Notre Dame March 1-4, 2007. Her daddy has an offer to join the Notre Dame faculty as a professor in the business school. It was pretty chilly! The time was spent exploring the campus and surrounding neighborhoods, and eating lots of chocolate at the Chocolate Cafe in South Bend : ) [March 1 - 4, 2007]

New Orleans Fun!

Aside from whooping it up on Bourbon Street, Lily did make time some for some cultural activities include a trip to the aquarium, dining out on creole food, and enjoyed her very first limo ride : ) [February 25 - March 1, 2007]