Sunday, July 26, 2009

Spain - Day One

We began our 2 week holiday with a stay in the Marriott timeshare in Marbella, Spain – Lily, Caden, Lindsay, Corey and me. The timeshare is perfect for traveling with small kids. The pools are plentiful with specific areas for small children. Lily and Caden had a blast! We were right on the Mediterranean and enjoyed playing on the beach too. And just a quick note on the “airplane ride” as Lily excitedly refers to it, not so fun! Caden is not as easy as a traveler as Lily, and I completely understand the no-travel rules many of our other friends with small children have imposed. However, Caden did eventually fall asleep, after causing tremendous back pain to all of us attempt to get him to sleep, and was promptly placed on the floor in a makeshift bed for the remainder of the flight : ) Day one, we arrived in Malaga around noon, rented our car, and drove to Marbella. Our room was not ready until 4, so we changed into our swimsuits and lounged by the pool with a pitcher of Sangria for us, and the signature Funky Monkey (banana and pineapple) for Lily and Caden.
After we could get in our room, we ventured out to the grocery store and stocked up.

The first week we did not do much other than enjoy the pool and ocean and eat while adjusting to the time difference. We have maintained our European tradition of ice cream every day…which used to be a gelato tradition, but we had to make due some nights : ) You will see a slew of ice cream shots of Lily and Caden, but mostly Caden. Reminiscent of Lily’s trip to Italy when she was one.

[Day 1 – July 3, 2009 - Friday]


Lily and I headed out to get a manicure and pedicure before going on vacation! It was so cute!!! Lily had her nails done in purple with butterflies : )
[July 1, 2009]