Sunday, August 27, 2006

Pig Pull

Lily (and her parents) attended their first ever pig pull at Amber and Jason Link's house. As it turns out, you are not required to come in piglet attire afterall! Luckily, we managed to keep Lily off the spit! [August 26, 2006].

TV Time

Yo, can you grab me a beer? Watching TV is one of the skills Lily enhanced while on vacation in Michigan : ) [August 21, 2006].

A Princess in a Garden...

Lily dressed in her party dress for her baptism, patiently induldged her mother for a photo shoot in grandma Angst's garden. [August 13, 2006].

Little Toes

Lily's tiny toes... [August 14, 2006].

Lily and Joseph O'Connell

This was Lily and Joseph's first meeting, and they instantly became friends! Lily is already a boy magnet : ) Also pictured are the mother's who made the union and Tracy. [August 14, 2006].

Getting Ready to Brave the Seas!

Is that a naked old man or Lily?!? I am sure we will catch some flack for these when Lily is big enough to give us some! [August 17, 2006].

Beach Time

Lily enjoyed dipping her toes in the water at the Clover's beach. This was just the warm up before her first float down the river...[August16, 2006].

Enjoying the Cottage

A lot of R&R was had at the island...strolling on the beach at the head of the island looking for wing fossils (we found 4 altogether), resting on the deck, and a little TV time with grandma. Definitely on island time! [August 15-18].

Grandpa Pfromm's House

Lily really enjoyed grandpa's porch swing. Although not pictured, they did manage to get in a nap too! [August 14, 2006].

Monday, August 21, 2006

Uncle Jimmy

So is this what an uncle smells like? Lily met her uncle Jimmy for the first time on Stag Island. She loved to snuggle with him : ) [August 16, 2006]

Trip to Stag Island!

Lily donned her first life jacket to take the ferry across to stag island. As you can see, the life jacket was much bigger than her! Regardless, she was really excited...and so was her dad : ) These are some of my favorite shots.
August 15, 2006]

Couple of really stylish kids

Lily with her favorite 'boy' cousin - Blake Princinsky. Don't they just look marvelous!

Bath time at the cottage...

Sometimes the St. Clair River can get you pretty dirty. Lily taking a bath at the cottage on Stag Island. [August 15, 2006]


This is our little angel in her baptismal gown. [August 12, 2006]

Lily's Baptism

On August 12th, our lovely Lily was baptized by Fr. Kelly at St. Michaels Catholic Church in Chesaning, Michigan. Lily was an angel as usual. We were so happy to celebrate with our parents, grandparent, and Lily's godparents. [August 12, 2006]

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

More napping...

As you can see, Lily's mom barely puts her down on the weekends after working all week. Main focus of these shots are to highlight Teresa's visit, the adorable pants Lily is wearing, and her cute little face. Don't you just want to pinch those cheeks?!? She is so great! [August 6, 2006]

Melograno again?!?

Lily seen here at one of her favorite Philly hotspots - posing with the girls (and daddy), and doing her usual hanging upside down after filling her tummy : ) [August 5, 2006]

Pooped out!

After a big day of sight-seeing, Lily was pooped out. She took a little nap on her mom before meeting up with dad for dinner [August 5, 2006]

Lily in Philly

Lily, Teresa and I toured around Philadelphia Saturday. We hung out by Independence Hall (seated), and enjoyed a photo opp on American Street. [August 5, 2006]

Giglio's many sides

Shy and reserved, awake and chatty, and deep contemplation. The many sides of Giglio (Itlian for Lily, pronounced Jee-lee-oh) : ) [August 5, 2006]