Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Magnificent Monday

Gia and I decided to run to Cottesloe Beach Monday to take advantage of the beautiful day so she could play at a play set overlooking the ocean.  What a life my almost 3 year old lives :)

This webbing became her pretend baby bird nest for the day.  She commented loudly when kids dared enter her nest!
The baby bird eating an apple slice in her nest.
My coveted stroller and the gorgeous view.

Where we 'lunched'.

Delicious smoked salmon salad and a green smoothie.  So yum!

Then some beach time.

Deciding on what other embellishments our castle needed.

The view as we run along the shore.  Stunning.

Look closely on the horizon for the helicopter with a person hanging from a ladder to get to the ship.  This was done for some time so I assume for training purposes.  Or to try and pry swimmers from the mouths of sharks.  One of the two.

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