Tuesday, June 21, 2011

East Coast Vacation

Right after graduation we set off on a LONG drive to Williamsburg VA.  We stayed at our dear friends Don and Marlena's along the way in Columbus, arriving Monday 5/23 around 12pm. 

It was crazy hot, so we took full advantage of the kids programs, pools, onsite movie theater, and napping : )

Caden's likeness, traced on the chalk board.  Caden drew his hair, mouth and nose.
Lilys likeness, with long "rapunzel" hair : )

Lily and grandma Sandy.

Enjoying the play room.
Making sugar candy sticks.
"Life. Love. Lily."
Visiting with a local horse.

Bathing beauties in matching suits.
Caden and me taking Gia for an early morning walk.
[May 2011]

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Bike Parade

Lily's bike parade at her school.

[May 19, 2011]


Lily and Elliott's last ballet class.  Too cute!

 Lyly and Shane watching the dancers.
[My 18, 2011]