Monday, September 23, 2013

Uncle Randy's here!!!

Uncle Randy arrived into Perth late Sunday night, after an 11 hour layover in Sydney.  Yes, there were many other flights, however they were unable/unwilling to put him on one of the earlier ones.  However Uncle Randy made the most of it by hopping a bus AND a train to Circular Quay to visit the Harbor Bridge, the Opera House, cheer on the Sydney marathon finishers and enjoy a drink at an outdoor cafe.  REALLY!  As if the travel half-way around the world wasn't a big enough adventure!  As we received the email during the day of his whereabouts we nearly called the phone company to tell them that Uncle Randy's phone was hacked!  He is a true traveler and we couldn't be more proud :)

Monday morning the kids could not contain themselves and ran into his room about 6.  In true Uncle Randy, he greeted them with a smile and got up to play.  He then joined us for the school routine and the kids proudly showed off their classrooms.

Gia and I then showed him one of our favorite coffee shops in downtown Freo - Moore & Moore.

 Gia made a little friend and was busy playing in the kids area.  They began venturing up the steps to this big wooden door, not fully realizing it was a door.  Up and down they went with the toys - and then the door opened.  Gia let out one of those guttural screams of true fear, ran down the steps, and attempted to leap over the little barrier into the kids area - catching her foot and smashing her face into the side wall, howling the entire way from fear and now pain.  The dining area was packed and she just could not stop screaming that a scary guy opened the door, so we decided to move on.

We next showed Randy the play set by the carousel, but is was too windy, so we headed to the brewery Little Creatures a bit early to meet Corey for lunch.  The sand pit was closed, probably from the sheer liability of the potential of the strong winds blowing the sand with such ferocity that children would lose their vision, so we settled into a booth inside.  Poor Randy and I had to have a drink before Corey even arrived.  Gia fell asleep on my lap.  A truly great morning/afternoon of indulging.  So not typical of my life here :)

And Cheers again!

The Little Creatures VW we all covet.
Next we stopped by Corey's office, then another coffee at the Bookstore Cafe, before sauntering up to the kid's school for pick up.  

We made dinner in and relaxed a bit in the evening.  

We are all thrilled to have Uncle Randy here!  He has been getting a ton of snuggles, and indulging the kids with piggy back rides, crafts, snuggles, and doting attention only an uncle can give.  So wonderful to have him here!

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