Thursday, February 22, 2007

Please Hold the Applause...

Our brilliant daughter began clapping her hands at dinner Sunday night! I think she was applauding the Bon Appetit "Dish of the Year" we made for our dinner party : ) Now she is clapping regularly, at all hours. It is especially fun with food in her hands! [February 18, 2007]

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Presto - Lily and Will spending the afternoon

Lily and Will spent a few hours together this afternoon. They seem to notice each other a bit more and having a bit more interaction. We played for a bit, then had an early dinner at our new Cafe hot spot - Presto. [February 17, 2007]


Lily is loving her Kipper classes at the Y. I am just loving calling her a little Kipper! : ) I am still trying to get some of today's swim class shots from my phone to my PC, but wanted to get this in as a place holder. [February 17, 2007]

Our Little Vampire/Valentine

Okay, day 2 in the snow. This time in the front of the house. Notice those budding fangs! And yes I am still nursing. Our little Valenine Vampire is still trying to figure out what the heck all of the white stuff is! [February 14, 2007]

First Snow

Lily experienced her first snow Tuesday, February 13. I couldn't resist getting out the adorable snow suit passed on from her little Angst cousins. Her expression says it all... [February 13, 2007]

Fighting Irish?

Well, Lily's daddy. a.k.a. the almost Dr. Angst, went on his first interview with Notre Dame. He loved the people and the campus...and especially the offer of free tuition for his children to attend! I think he has already enrolled Lily!!! Here she is sporting her first Notre Dame item of clothing. Other interviews coming up include Temple, here in Philly, and University of Michigan. Stay tuned...[February 10, 2007]

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Tough Shoes to Fill

Okay, not really. This is just one of the photos that every baby has. Soon to be followed by feet in a Kleenex box : ) [May 5, 2007]

Glamour Shots of 9 Month Old Lily

Here is our little 9 month old striking a pose! We remove the middle bench of our coffee table so that she can plie' : ) She is taking steps holding on with just one hand now. We are taking a pool for picking her walking date. $10 to enter. Both Corey and I think it will be at or before 10 months.

Lily continues to be the most wonderful baby. So hard to believe that she has been out of my tummy for as long as she was in it! She has just started shaking her head no, refuses most baby food as she wants to eat whatever we are eating (including raw brocoli,). She has just started swimming lessons at the Y (keeping her from bridge as of yet), and continues to be very smiley and engaging. She is very social. She loves going out and sitting in high chairs at restaurants. She continues to be a good traveler too. Corey and I are totally in love with Lily, and with each other of course too : ) [May 5, 2007]

Thursday, February 01, 2007


We had a wonderful vacation in Aruba! We promised Lily that we will definitely be back!

A Few More Shots...

Just a few more random shots of our vacation in Aruba...

Island Tour

We rented a car one day and drove around the island. Here are some of the photos of the places we visited...and our little cutie in the car. She loves playing her maracas that Aunt Lindsay bought her!

Lily and Grandpa Angst Time

Enjoying a little smooching by the pool!

Family Shots

We had some very nice dinners and lovely strolls home one the beach. Our favorite dinner was at the Brazilian steakhouse, Texas De Brazille. Unlimited meat! Lily charmed her fellow diners as usual : ) Look at the great shot of Norm, Ang, Lindsay, and Lily.

Napping Poolside

Aruba Sunset