Saturday, January 27, 2007

Aruba, Jamaica, baby why don't we go...

Lily was able to try out her passport when we headed to Aruba January 20 - 24. Her Granndma and Grandpa Angst and Aunt Lindsay joined us for a wonderfully relaxing vacation. Here is a photo of Lily watching the island from the sky, and some photos of the Marriott pool and beach where we were staying. [January 20, 2007]

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Pip Squeak

Our little pip squeak in one her pretty new dresses, complements of one of her mommy's work friends. [January 14, 2007]

Heeere Fishy, Fishy, Fishy

Lily loves the Blanton's aquarium! Her daddy will be starting the new addition to our home any day now to make it fit...right next to the train set : ) [January 13, 2007]

Meghan Blanton Turns 2!

Meghan turned 2, and we all helped her celebrate...there was ice cream cake, games (Lily and especially her dad loved the Thomas the Train set),
good conversation with friends,
the good ol' fashioned shoe swap and chew,

and beer?!? Will!!! One in every crowd : )[January 13, 2007]

Getting Spooned

No trick photography, just Jackie spooning Lily! What you can't see is that they, along with me, were all laying in front of the fire to boot! Notice Jackie's shaved tummy. She had surgery Monday for kidney stones. Since then she is even more snuggly than usual! [January 12, 2007]

Snoozing on the Couch

She looks so big!!! [January 11, 2007]

Yo! Welcome to My Crib!

Lily really enjoys her crib! And not because of the Hollywood views. She is constantly in motion, pulling herself up and watching her electronic fish tank. Here Corey is getting a tour of the crib : ) [January 11, 2007]

Pretty in Blue

Lily in her adorable blue jumper which she got for Christmas from her Aunt Missy, Uncle Tom, and Cousin Blake. [January 7, 2007]

Play Date

Lily and Will got together for a play date last Saturday afternoon. Poor Will was having tummy problems due to yogurt...or so we thought. Mike, Tammy and me all ended up with the flu within 48 hours. Luckily Lily and Corey managed to avoid it! [January 6, 2007]

8 Months!!!

Where is the time going!?! Looks at our adorable little baby growing into a toddler! How can you not look at the second pic without hearing the words, "You want a piece of this 8-monther?!?"[January 5, 2007]

Our Little Peanut Enjoying a Balmy January

Lily is getting around so well! She loves to walk everywhere. Here she set out the front door and became distracted with the leaves, so she sat down to take a taste. [January 4, 2007]

New Nanny!

Lily's new nanny Amy started January 2. Amy is a lovely young woman from Bear, DE with a lot of experience! We are really happy to have her working with us. [January 2, 2007]

Friday, January 12, 2007

Fun in the Airport

Lily enjoyed riding around the airport nearly as much as her dad enjoyed pulling her! [December 30, 2006]

Meeting More Pfromms

On our way to the airport we stopped at my Uncle Gary and Aunt Sue's beautiful new home. Lily got to meet her 'first-cousin-once-removed', my cousin Shelly, and her husband and three boys. We had a great brunch, and then Grandma Pfromm and Grandpa Dave dropped us off at the airport. [December 30, 2006]

Everything But the Kitchen Sink

Can you believe that smile? Bathtime in Grandma Pfromm's kitchen sink. [December 25, 2006]

Sleeping Bear

Lily in her soft pink PJ's from Vegas. She looks like a baby bear that fell asleep in a tree. Her last night in Michigan in 2006. [December 28, 2006]

The Weary Traveler

Driving Miss Lily

Blake took his little cousin Lily under his wing to show her the ropes! She was really concentrating on making her little raspberries as she went : ) [December 27, 2006]

A Bucket of Cousins!

Next stop was Aunt Missy, Uncle Tom and Cousin Blake's house. The whole Angst clan congregated again for a night of play and pizza. Here Lily, Hanna, Blake and Julia finally solve the puzzling questions of really how many cousins fit in a bucket! [December 28, 2006]

Christmas with Grandpa Pfromm and Ninny, Plus Meeting Cousin Fiona

Next stop on our Michigan adventure was Grandpa Pfromm and Ninny's (Kaye). Kaye's daughter, her husband, and baby were there too. Lily and Fiona are about 1 month part in age. We got together with Kaye's son and his family too, as well as Jimmy and Andrea. [December 27, 2006]

Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Christmas #3...Lily enjoyed watching the Moose Musical video her uncle Jimmy got for her grandma and her. We had a post-Christmas celebration with Grandma Pfromm, Grandpa Dave, Uncle Jimmy and Aunt Andrea. [December 26 2006]

Our Little Maestro

This could be it! The photo that is used on E! when Lily is a famous artist. [December 25, 2006]