Friday, September 20, 2013

Magical Monday

Corey teaches Monday, so this is the one day each week I do school drop off on my own.  Gia and I ran to South Beach after we dropped the kids, and I decided to wear my GPS running watch today to see how far we traveled.

We made it to the play set, the Pickled Fig...
My happy coffee companion.  We dined on fig toast with pureed figs as a spread.  Yum!

Our view

We ventured out to the beach, but it was so windy, the stand was stinging our faces.

Gia made it half way out the pier before running back from the sand storm.

Ah - much better. The shades protected her eyes.
 We found the other house we considered renting for our time here, and I said a prayer of thanks that Peta convinced us to go the neighborhood route.  So nice being a part of the community here.
This is the "other" house.

And the view.  Just beyond the rail crossing is a marina.
 Gia fell asleep so I read for a bit at another coffee shop - the Wild Poppy, and I finished my book - The Round House.
My view from Wild Poppy

Gia's view in Wild Poppy

Then we stopped for groceries before picking up Lily and Caden and getting caught in a torrential downpour on they way home.  It was very fun - although not something I would care to experience regularly.

Total mileage: 8.2

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