Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Arizona - Part 2

The second half of the Arizona vacation begins with a jeep tour of the red rocks of Sedona.  Lily and Caden were champs, bouncing around in their car seats.  Every time we stopped Caden would say - "all done?" And eventually he fell asleep!

More pool time : ) 
Caden and Lily love to play games on the iPhone.  And here they are showing off their muscles!
Bonnie and Clyde!
Our last dinner out - Lily slept the entire time, and here Caden is working on clearing out his system. And as you can see, he was not wild about the pictures: )
[May 23-30, 2010]

Arizona Vacation - Part I

Neema and Neepa were able to join on us a weeklong vacation at our Marriott timeshare in Phoenix.  It was a truly wonderful and relaxing vacation!

Edible cookie decorating poolside.
Enjoying the lazy river : )

Caden admiring the beauty of the canyons.
Our adventure to the Grand Canyon.
Three generations of Angst boys : )

[May 23 - 31, 2010]

Tinkerbell and Cinderella

Another princess dressup time, to daddy's dismay.  Caden as Tinkerbell just really cracked me up!  I am sure he will really appreciate these photos as a teenager : )

[May 18, 2010]

Writing Time

Lily is growing up so quickly!  She has been working on maintaining a calendar where she writes her numbers every day, among MANY other things including a journal and daily writing.  Novlin is awesome!!!

Caden is also doing great with his writing.  Here he was working on writing C's.  He would draw something (have me close my eyes while he did it), and then say "surprise!  Kiss!" - which was for drawing something "fo mommy" : )

[May 18, 2010]