Saturday, September 07, 2013

Heeeere Dolphins....Come out, come out, wherever you are!

We used a Groupon to take a dolphin cruise in Mandurah Saturday (same city we went crabbing with my parents 16 years ago).  As Corey noted to the kids bewilderment - we were skunked.
The kids kept asking, "Dad, where are the skunks?!?"

Our boat

Other highlights were arriving 7 minutes before the boat left, thinking we had time to grab a coffee, and Corey encountering the slowest barrista ever.  The kids and I ran ahead to the boat, and were told the other passengers had been seated for a full 30 minutes and they wouldn't wait.  So I ran back, with all 3 kids, to get Corey, and sheepishly boarded the boat 2 minutes after we should have left.  The kids kept asking why we didn't sit up on top with everyone else?  Our reply, because we were too embarrassed.  Yet we had coffee.

Another highlight were the kids commenting as we sailed around the bay, in the sun, in Australia, that the boat ride was boring.  We nearly threw them overboard.  They had high hopes for dolphins, and no amount of pelican sightings or man-made canals were going to right that injustice.

However after we docked, we enjoyed some seafood at a restaurant on the bay with a great aquarium.  This was all the kids really needed.

This was Lily's clever idea :)

Gia kicking back with her chips

We then played at the playground a bit before heading home.

Pelicans are huge.  Caden didn't seem to mind, and seemed to think it wanted to be pet.  Luckily we were able to talk some sense into him before he was swallowed.

The drive home confirmed that our car is too small.  We miss our SUV!  The kids sitting on our shoulder does not bode well when one is trying to listen to the Dockers on the radio.

Dockers fans were out in full force once home.

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