Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Swanson's Lake House

We had another wonderful day at the Swanson's lake house.  Here Brooke and Gia snuggle up in the hammock : )
[July 16, 2011]

Redo of Some Older Pics

Saugatuck Vacation

We had a wonderful vacation in Saugatuck!  We stayed at Butterfly Cottage, which was absolutely beautiful.  Neema and Neepa visited for the first weekend, the Dugards spent Sunday with us, Novlin came up for a couple of days, and the Halls spent a day with us too.  Wonderful times! 

Butterfly Cottage -

 Gia, tuckered out after a day of swimming.
 Surfer Ali...

 The sand masters.

 Mindi and Greg : )
The Art Barn
 Caden painted a dragon fly and a McQueen from Cars.
 Lily painted a fairy.
 Our daily fix of ice cream : )

Enjoying the local rides.

Enjoying a local band on teh water front.

 Massimo and Gi-Gi : )

 Paddle wheel cruise.
[July 8 - 16, 2010]

Our Brave Little Monster!

Lily right after enduring 5 shots for Kindergarten.  She was a trooper!  The doctor promised no more shots until she is 11.  Lily has been verifying this daily ever since! : )

[July 6, 2011]

Happy Birthday America!

We had the quintessential 4th of July weekend. Margo and Brian were visiting from Delaware - we fed the ducks at Notre Dame (saved one from a fishing lure stuck in its wing) made a visit to St. Joseph's Silver Beach, then spent the 4th at the Cox's pool and fireworks at Morris Park.  Life is good : )

 Watching the fudge being made.

 Revenge is sweet.
 But snuggles are better.

 Back in the day...

 Lily has plans to be a nun when she grows up, so that she doesn't have to get married or "grow babies in her tummy" OR to be an astronaut.  Decisions, decisions...
 Caden lit a candle for "Jesus who died on the cross" - sweet boy.

Then the ducks attacked!

[July 3 - 4, 2011]