Friday, September 20, 2013

"Gooooo - The Dockers" and Caden's first sleepover

Corey picked up on this strange cheer.  Now it bothers me.  Never - "Go Dockers" but "Go - the Dockers".  Luckily it is the only gripe I have with all of Australia :)

Saturday we watched the East Fremantle Dockers trounce the Sydney Swans in the semi-finals.  We were decked out in our Dockers hats and painted our nails purple in honor of the big game, and headed to the Hawkins for the viewing.  So happy they won!  Our friends the McKenna's are headed to Melbourne to watch the finals.  You couldn't meet a more avid supporter than Dani!  So thrilled for them - and for us to catch this monumental making of history with THE Dockers.
The headlines - beneath Lily's purple nails

After the game we took Cooper home with us for Caden's first sleep over.  Cooper slept in Gia's trundle and Gia resumed her horizontal sleeping between Corey and me.  The boys did great!  And are making plans for a repeat soon :)

Cooper, Caden, Lily and Gia enjoying the sandbox.
My view

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