Saturday, April 26, 2008

And now we are four...

I think this is officially our first 'family' photo! If you can't tell, we are all very happy (I know, Lily doesn't show it). She's really taking to her new little brother and I'm sure they are going to have tons of fun together.
[April 25, 2008]

Friday, April 25, 2008

Introducing Caden Rodney

Welcome Caden! You are such a handsome little guy and we already love you so much. Your mom was such a trouper and you have been an absolute joy! Your big sister Lily is also very intrigued by you and after an hour or so of warming up to you, she has decided she likes you and is kissing you all the time.

Here is Lily enjoying the new suitcase Caden gave her as "happy to finally meet you in person" gift : ) [April 25th, 2008]

Our little family is growing

Just two days ago it was just the three of us. As of April 24th at 2:24pm, were were blessed with another beautiful child - Caden Rodney Angst.
[April 25, 2008]

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Lily's last night out without a sibling!

We ventured out to dinner at Legend's on campus tonight, despite the frequent comments and jokes I receive from random strangers about being careful that the baby may come at any second. Or the one inquiring about triplets. Ha ha. As soon as we get near campus, Lily starts her 'Noh Day' shouting and singing the alma mater song, which phonically sounds like 'Noh Day ow Modder', then the rest gets a bit undecipherable when she sings by herself.

After dinner we ventured over to the Grotto and lit a candle for the new baby's arrival tomorrow. Lily does great with lighting the candles and saying 'amen' : ) She even kneeled on the kneeler for a bit before taking a rest on one of the nearby benches.

As you can see below, this baby is clearly out of room to grow. We are very excited to meet him or her tomorrow!!! Stay tuned...[April 23, 2008]

Sunday at Notre Dame

Lily is taking swim lessons at Rockne right now. She seems to be learning a lot, is always excited to go, but when it's over, she only talks about the inevitable problem she encounters of getting water up her nose!

After swim lessons, we were given a wonderful tour of campus from one the official student/campus tour guides, complements of one of Corey's students. Lily brought her bike for the occasion, which she used for just a fraction of the time. She wanted to hold the student Camille's hand, then ride her daddy's shoulders, and eventually fall asleep with mommy carrying her. [April 20, 2008]

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Lily, Ducks, and Squirrels - Oh My!

Lily and I spent the evening at ND enjoying the warm weather by feeding the critters, chasing the squirrels, looking for rocks and spending some time at the Grotto. She has started counting to 3 for the ducks before throwing them bread and then yells at them to "get it", mirroring how she throws toys for her grandparents dog Tucker. As for the squirrels, she can't understand why they won't take the break directly from her hand! She keeps chasing them around calling "skirl" : ) [April 17, 2008]

I'm Going to be a Big Sister!

The shirt says it all (I'm Going to be a Big Sister, Lily)! Lily, our little ham, is gearing up for the new baby to arrive. She has been practicing her pretend baby cries for the baby in my tummy, to which she finds ways to soothe the baby to stop the crying. This includes patting the baby, offering the baby food and drink, and singing "La la la" to the baby. She now also pretends to be the baby herself and will not stop the fake cry until she is cradled like a baby and fed her sippy cup like a bottle! I am sure she will do great with the new baby as she is a such a sweet and nurturing little girl, but both Corey and I are worried about our baby becoming the big kid! Only 6 more days!!!

Anyway, I think these photos are adorable of our beatiful little girl being her typical goofy self! [April 16, 2008]

Car Infatuation

Some friends we had over just a couple of weeks ago were telling us about how their 2 kids love the car (one the same age as Lily and the other a year older than Lily). Literally the next day, Lily's infatuation started! She must have really been listening! So what started as her love of unlocking the car and making it beep has evolved into needing to have some alone time in the car before getting out! At first we thought it was because of the snacks she would scavenge for - she loves Halls and can always manage to find at least one in her dad's car. When Lindsay went to retrieve Lily from the back of the SUV, Lily had located the rest of her KitKat from the weekend, had taken out a bar, and held up a finger while saying, "just one, one? one?". She is quite the negotiator.

We have on 2 occasions (within the week) managed to have Lily get locked in the car...with the keys!!! Thank goodness for On Star! The new rules are removing the keys from the car!
As you can see by this photo she continues to lovesgadgets and figuring things out. I wonder where she gets this from?!? She managed to locate the GPS, find the cord for it, and plug it in! All in a days work! [April 14, 2008]

Last Dance Class

Here are a couple shots of our little dancer for her last dance class of her second section. Her highlight of dance class is the stamp the teacher puts on her hand at the end and getting a drink at the drinking fountain. My highlight is the tutu : ) [April 14, 2008]


Lily LOVES Notre Dame (pronounced as Noh-Day). She likes picking out her own clothes and picks out her Notre Dame gear whenever she can. As you can see below with our little cheerleader in her kitchen.

Every ND that she sees, she points and shouts Noh-Day. She sings the alma mater song with her dad every night for bedtime. If you say "touch down" she shouts "Jesus"! Corey asks her, "What's the best school in the world?" and she shouts back, "Noh Day". At swim last week she refused to wear a sweatshirt because it covered the ND on her swimsuit!!! And if you say "go", she says "Irish"! Thank goodness tuition is covered for my brainwashed 2 year old as a child of faculty!
[April 8, 2008]

Enjoying the Warm Weather

After our playground trip, Lily enjoyed playing in the yard and doing some chalk drawings with her daddy. She looks so grown up in these photos! [April 7, 2008]

Lily and Elliott

Lily and Elliott (Lily's little friend who lives a few doors up the hill) enjoyed a wagon ride in Elliott's wagon to the playground at Stanley Clark. Too cute! [April 7, 2008]

23 Months!!!

Either Pooh is getting smaller or Lily is getting bigger! Hard to believe our little peanut is 23 months!!! [April 5, 2008]

Grandma Pfromm and Grandpa Dave's Babysitting Adventure : )

Grandma Pfromm and Grandpa Dave came down for the weekend to babysit little Lily while her mommy and daddy did some real estate shopping. As you can see below, they had a great time!

They definitely look related : )

Blogs are in! Lily now has turtles (named Bumpy of course after the Stanley Clark turtle) in the holes of her clog. A few falls in these shoes so far, including one pretty bloody lip, but she is getting better.

She jammed out to Grandpa Dave's i-Pod.

Then we all went to dinner. You can tell by Lily's cheeky look and her parents blank expression that dinner can sometimes be a very active time for some of us!!! [April 3, 2008]

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

A Major Milestone!!!

Here is Lily in her big girl bed, sleeping soundly by herself!!! Corey and I just stood and watched her sleep. She seems so grown up! She really seems to love her bed, as evident by her sleeping through the flash of her obnoxious mother's camera flash : ) [April 1, 2008]

Lily Enjoying the New Bath!

She looks so tiny in this big tub! She loves the telephone/sprayer : )


Another Trip to Michigan!

We are certainly making up for lost time with yet another weekend jaunt to Michigan...for a very good reason! We helped Maddie celebrate turning 4 and had a chance to see Hanna perform in with her traveling dance team. It was a short trip but we had a great time. [March 29, 2008]

Lily was enthralled with the dancing! I have a feeling we will be watching her up there someday soon!

Hanna and her team did an awesome job!

Lily and Maddie being goof balls while we waited for the awards portion.