Thursday, February 19, 2009

An update WITHOUT pictures

I just spent the past half hour looking at photos of Lily when she was the age Caden is now. It is remarkable how similar they are! Lily wanting to not eat baby food, just big people food. Their walking ability at this age. How chunky they both are/were. How quickly we forget! I continue to be amazed by how much all encompassing love I feel for these two little people. As we say in our prayers every night, thank you Lord for the many blessings in our lives, and thank you most of all for each other. We are so blessed with such a wonderful family. Life just couldn't be any better.

Our Little Gymnast

This is Lily's second gymnastics session at Michiana Gymnastics. She has gotten really good! She is really coordinated and well balanced. Of course I may be a little biased, but I would say she is the best of class : ) The butterfly stretch.
The Wiggles warm-up song.
Warming up.
Her ballerina pose.
Strong muscles, with a little help from Coach Andy.
My upside-down monkey.
"Crawling like a lion'
Jumpin' bean.
Too cute. Lily has great posture and seems to push her little belly out.
The BIG jump - which she would not without holding my hand.
"Marshmallow Pit" - Lily has come along way with this one. Where before she would hesitantly climb in from the side she now likes to be launched in to the "Pit" as far as you can throw her.

This is the "bye-bye" song.

The best part of gymanstics, next to the DumDum sucker she gets, is the stamp. Different each week! This night was a lion, hence her roar : )
[February 18, 2009]

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dinner time

Here the little helper feeds her brother. We have finally progressed to where Lily manages to not touch the spoon to the back of Caden's throat. It is a great help as Caden LOVES to eat...non stop! [February 16, 2009]


Lily had all of us dressed in HER hats! Strange though how Corey and I managed to avoid the photo. (Sorry Caden. I am sure this will be the first of many times your big sister dresses you in funny clothes).
[February 16, 2009]


Too cute!

[February 16, 2009]


Caden and Neepa Angst goofing around : )
[February 15, 2009]

Little Helper

Lily is actually a big helper! She takes her jobs very serisously! She looked so darn cute setting the table for Sunday breakfast before church : )
[February 15, 2009]

Caden with Neema and Neepa

Sunday was national - Hug your Hairdresser Day! Caden's new do looks adorable! Norm and Ange spent the a long weekend with the kids. It was so great to have them here!!!
[February 15, 2009]

Haircut #2

Caden's second haircut! [February 13, 2009]

Like Father Like Son

Caden LOVES the mobile phone. For some reason it is the tastiest thing around. His father also loves the mobile phone - for the iPhone games! '_' [February 10, 2009]

Monday, February 09, 2009

ND Girls Basketball Game

Lily and Caden with Marlena at the basketball game. The cheerleaders wore pink for the breast cancer fundraiser. It was a great game! Caden enjoying a snow cone. This was the first time he used a straw. Too cute!
[February 8, 2009]

Bedtime Ritual

Nightime at the Angst house! We each have our own laptop out : ) [February 6, 2009]


A couple of nakey cuties : ) [February 4, 2009]