Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Gingerbread houses

We had a great time decorating our gingerbread houses.  Lily and mommy v. Caden and daddy.  Gia was the judge...although due to poor newborn eyesight declared the houses a tie : )

[December 12, 2010]

Elf Night

Santa's elves dropped off a pre-Christmas treat for us - a big stocking filled with puzzles, games, cocoa and caramel corn.  So we made a fire and enjoyed them all : )

[December 23, 2010]

Cute toes

Baby Gia
[December 20, 2010]

Princess Tea

Gracie hosted her 2nd annual Princess Tea - although is the first (and hopefully only) one with a boy princess.  Caden was so sad that Lily had a party at Gracies I decided, against his father's will, that he could go too.  We tried to get him to dress as a prince, but he wouldn't hear of it!  He was so upset that his chubby little feet would not fit in his glass slippers.  As a 2 year old, this will likely be the only time he can get away with it.  The other princesses didn't even seem to notice!

 Decoratint princess cookies.

[December 18, 2010]

FELNS Christmas Pageant

The kids did a great procession around the church while singing Little Drummer Boy, followed by more carols at the front of church.  Lily is top row, far left.

 Too cute!
 Caden and Lyle are starting to hang out a bit more, which is so cute to see.
 Lilt and Elliott chatting over 'coffee' : )
 Decorating cookies for the homeless shelter.
[December 17, 2010]

Picture Perfect

Lily, Gia and Caden before heading to the Christmas pageant at Lily's school.
[December 17, 2010]

How Many Angsts Can You Fit...

Amazingly, we all fit - but barely!  Each night we find ourselves faced with the same dilemma '_'


[December 16, 2010]

Morning Coffee

This picture cracks me up!  Notice how Caden has his ankles crossed as he chills in my office watching cartoons.
[December 14, 2010]


Caden and Gia snuggled up for a few zzzzz's together.
[December 14, 2010]

Spider Man

Caden loves his new Spider Man shirt.  He requested a photo and struck quite a pose!  He also has Spider Man snow boots and proudly announces each time he puts them on, "Spider Man saves everybody!"

Brunch with Santa

We joined our good friends, and half of our parish : ), for brunch with Santa at Morris Park.

Caden let Santa know he wanted a "Dinosaur Dragon."

 Lily wanted a "Baby Princess" initially, then a Care Bear.  Gia was at brunch too, but too little for Santa this year.

 Maura, Lily ang Grace - too cute!
 Benjamin Kidder, Lily, Bella, Ally, and Grace.  Caden had a poopy diaper and refused to be in the photo until he was changed : )

 We managed to sneak a photo of Caden in the foreground.
[December 11, 2010]

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Baby Burrito

So far Gia is a good little sleeper with 4 hour blocks of snoozing.
[December 13, 2010]

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Ponies and Santa - Oh My!

Lily and Caden went a special outing with Grandma Sandy and Grandpa Dave to ride "ponies" (there were clearly horses) and visit with Santa.
  Chatting with Santa.
 The beautiful stables.

Caden LOVED the horses!  He sat up there like a pro.  Sort-of funny when you think that it wasn't too long ago that he finally overcame his fear of riding a horse on the carousel!

As Caden will tell you, his horsies name was Penny.  After his first ride, he teared up when it was finished, so the trainer ended up giving him a free ride. 
 Lily saddled up : ) 
[December 11, 2010]

The Fort

This fort protected Lily and Caden from the monsters about, and gave them a safe place to rest : )

[December 11, 2010]

Christmas Photo Shoot

Ho-ho-ho!  Check out these adorable kids!  What a wonderful Christmas this will be : )

Gia stifling a giggle.
 Saying a little prayer.
 Starting to get overwhelmed by the Christmas hoopla.


 Gia's photo shoot assistant - Grandma Sandy

 And Grandma Sandy's fill in - Grandpa Dave

 Caden and Lily - total posers : )
 Too cute for words!

[December 11, 2010]