Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Relaxing 'Father's Day' Weekend

Saturday morning we had an impromptu play date with Oli, his sister, and dad, and ended up keeping Oli the afternoon.  We played 'mommy monster' at the play set, and it was the cutest thing.  Oli and Caden were hiding together and their little heads peeked around, so I snuck and caught them.  Oli, in the cutest little kid Australian accent said, "Oh my.  That really scared me.  I think I better stop for a bit."  We got in some bike riding, some UNO, and watched a movie.  Lily finished up her Diorama for school, and Caden came up with the idea to make a flying fairy = she hangs from a string off the end of the ruler positioned in front of the heater :)

Corey finally got home at 1:30am Sunday morning.  Whew!  So great to have him back.  He managed to rest for a couple of hours before the 3:30am ND kickoff.  Such a loyal fan!  I joined the watch just before halftime, we both slept through 3rd quarter, and rallied through 4th.  Not quite the same as being at the firetruck with our wonderful and much missed friends - but we are celebrating the win wherever we are.  This coming weekend we are thrilled with an 8pm start.  Breakfast at ND campus starts at 7:30am Sunday.
The 'big'game watch

We had a nice walk into Fremantle for 11am mass - especially nice since Corey pushed the stroller :)  Mass was another story.  Kids were perfect.  Sun was streaming in the window with a beautiful soft, golden glow.  Message felt personal.  Then when the second collection came around, we gave Gia $1 to put in ($1 and $2 are in coins) and she wanted to stack it just so on top of another $1 coin in the collection plate.  Corey and I became increasingly impatient as the usher stood their waiting 'patiently' and the pew behind us leaned in for their turn.  In our haste, of passing it back, we spilled the entire collection plate.  The sound of the metal plate hitting the wooden pew, bouncing on the marble floor, and coins rolling everywhere filled the basilica, as everyone turned around to see.  I could not stop laughing we hurriedly crawled around gathering the cash.

Next we headed to South Beach for a picnic.  In the park just before was a Brazilian food truck parked, which had never seen there before and it was busy.  We made a quick stop while the kids played on the huge rooted fig trees.

We picnicked by a play set, picked up a coffee at the Fig cafe, and enjoyed a wonderful afternoon at the beach.  The following is my view from relaxing perch on a sand bluff.

 Next the kids, and I mean all of them, enjoyed some digging in the sand.
Look at those eyes

Cute buns :)  The cold rinse before we left was like wrestling a baby pig.

Caden's oyster shell he found.  He smartly asked why it was not rounded (very flat).

My beloved stroller - waiting patiently for her next task.

We decided to go to the Fremantle Markets in an effort to take advantage of the fire sale prices at the end of the market day again.  I'm talking strawberries for $1.  There is a lot of energy around the markets, people shouting, bustling about.  We love it.

The kids enjoying these interesting little fruits that we don't know the name of.

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