Friday, October 10, 2008

Friends Over for Dinner

We had the Kidder's over dinner this week. Their daughter Gracie is a day younger than Lily. The two are so similar with speech and mannerisms! It is really a hoot! [October 7, 2008]

Visiting Friends

We had lunch with my friend Kris and her daughter Gracie in Warsaw, IN. The girls had a blast together! [September 26, 2008]

The Morning Ritual...

Which involves Little Einsteins and sometimes the Wiggles. Both kids snuggle up in our bedroom in front of the TV while we get ready for work. [October 3, 2008]

Meeting Father Hesburgh

We had the privilege of attending mass given by Father Hesburgh. Afterwards he bestowed a blessing on Lily and Caden. [September 21, 2008]

Lily and Caden's First Football Game

Lily and Caden went to their very first ND football game - ND v. Purdue. We started with a little tailgating, and then watched the band march in. It was great! Unfortunately the game began with a jet fly-over that was so loud it shook the stadium. Caden lost it and could not regain composure with all of the startling noises around him. He and I spend most of the first quarter in the concession area and we all left after the first quarter. Lily cried when we left '_' So sweet. Both kids were asleep before we could walk back to the car.

[September 27, 2008]

Cutie Pie Caden

[September 28, 2008]

Caden at 5 Months

Out for a run w/ Pooh sporting his ND jammies!

[September 24, 2008]

Caden and Grandpa Angst

Caden hanging out with Grandpa Angst.

[September 23, 2008]

Pricess Photo Shoot

Lily's photo shoot in her new princess skirt : ) Notice Tucker Dog made it into a shot. The marvelous Neema and Neepa Angst were out babysitting for a few days.

[September 23, 2008]

Sleepy Kids!

The three of us in early morn' all in Lily's bed : )
[September 22, 2008]

Turning 4 Months!

Wow! So many cute pics I could not decide. If only all birthday milestones were this much fun!!! Hopefully these two always get along so well!
Kisses for his sister : )

Peace out!
[August 24, 2008]

ND Football

This entry is a little out of order, as this was the pep rally for the first ND game on September 5 against San Diego...which we won!

The ND band marches across the campus to practice the Friday afternoon before home games, followed by a pep rally. We had a blast. Lily LOVES all things ND! She can sing the entire Alma Mater song, is constantly on the look out for Touch Down Jesus, and knows all of the cheers. When in her cheerleading outfit she dubs herself The Notre Dame Princess...and rightly so : )

[September 5, 2008]

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Binder Park Zoo

We spent the night in Michigan so that we could go to the MSU/ND game with Troy and Mary. Disappointing day for ND! The kids had a blast with their cousins and Neema and Neepa Angst.

The next day we went Granmdap Pfromm and Grandpa Dave and Aunt Andrea to Binder Park Zoo. It is a great zoo with a wonderful African Safari area where you can feed the giraffes. However their long tongues terrified Lily! She kept saying, "I scared" and made me hold her way back.

As part of her kiddie meal there she got a monkey purse, which she loves!

Caden all tuckered out : ) This looks just like one of Lily's baby photos...see below.

[September 20 - 21, 2008]

Chef Lily

Lily is a great little cook! She has become quite proficient at measuring, stirring, cracking open eggs, and especially tasting! She says, "I taste"?

She loves to open the butter...and taste the butter (just like her grandma Pfromm).

This pic of Lily and I with the clump of pasta is the result of a pasta-making class I was taking. Apparently one cannot leave fresh pasta in the fridge over night. It still tasted good tho!

[September 19, 2008]