Sunday, September 22, 2013


We headed to Hillary on Sunday to visit the aquarium.  It was the same route I took with my running mates when we did our 20-miler up the coast.  On the way, we witnessed an injured man being resuscitated along Cottesloe beach.  We wondered if it was a shark attack, but then only his head seemed injured.  We found in the news later that the poor man had a malfunctioning kite while kite surfing in the blustery wind and a gust crashed him into the trees.  Our friend Wade knew him.  So incredibly sad.

On a happier note, the aquarium was fantastic.  Highlights were petting the baby shark, the jelly fish (as always) and the big conveyor belt through the aquarium.  Caden cannot stop talking about the shark...

Uncle Randy due to arrive later this evening!

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