Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Basketball for Cade

Well, we tried out basketball last week (key word being 'tried').  I convinced the coach that even though Caden was not quire 3 that he was very matrue for his age...  He would not leave my side the entire class!  It was his first time and we don't own a hoop, so not sure what I was expecting.  I think we will wait until next year.

[March 25, 2011]

Our Babies are Growing!!!

Spring Break vacation Part III

Lily was missing her Elliott, so decided to draw a picture of Elliott feeding Jackie cat : )
 Enjoying the pool.
 Gia's swimsuit photo shoot...

[March 11 - 16, 2011]

Spring Break in Clearwater, Part II

Our morning stroll after playing at the playground.

 Aren't we cute?
 Practicing our alphabet.
 Enjoying our kitty cat cupcakes : )
 Look at these sweet kids watching cartoons.
 Building our sand castle.
 Self portait.
 After seeing a 6 foot shark our first day, this was as far as we went!

 Our Mr. C is growing up!
 This is our hotel.
 We have decided to collect heart photos - this was one is coral.
 And this is a big clam shell.

 Relaxing to the sound of the ocean.
 The view from our balcony.
 Enjoying the swingset.
Our little swimmers.

[March 11 - 16, 2011]

Friday, March 11, 2011

Florida Vacation

We are spending a few days in Florida for a little sunshine over spring break.  It was Gia's first flight!  She did great - as did Lily and Cade too!

When we arrived and Caden saw the sunshine and palm trees out the window Caden kept saying, "Look there's Florida!"  They were both so excited!

A bit windy today and on the cooler side - although much better than snow!  We had a nice walk on the beach and poor Corey took the kids in the pool for a bit.  brrrrr....

Lily and Caden are sleeping in a big bed together for their first time tonight.  They look so cute : )

[March 11, 2011]

Fat Tuesday

Fat Tuesday snuck up on us and I found myself without an order in for paczkis!  Luckily our good friend Scott came to the rescue... : )  Lily, Grace and Caden fully enjoying them!

[March 8, 2011]

Play Date

A tea party followed by a lot of make up application.  Lily and Elliott are growing up!

[March 7, 2011]