Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Beaches, yogis, and lunching, Oh My!

After dropping the kids off at school I ran Gia to the ocean, just under 2 miles away.  The journey there takes over the Swan River, and then winds us through the shipping docks, which is certainly not the most scenic part of the area.  However once through, the vistas are breathtaking.
There is ship off in the background.  Not sure if these tractors or cars are coming or going...

These two photos that were "selfies" cracked me up, as Gia and I had the same goofy face, unintentionally.

Tracking our footprints.

The yogi and his nephew.

 We walked the beach, looking for shells with natural holes to help keep the inventory of the necklace shop up :)  We had a great morning.  And had a fun haphazard meeting of an American, who has been living in Thailand as a yogi, walking along the beach with his nephew who was Gia's age.  The funny thing is I had snapped there picture as they walked by, thinking the photo of their silhouette was striking, and then met them later in the morning when they walked back by.  His sister married an Australian so he is over visiting.

On the way out from lunch -"Gia, don't step in the puddle!", but really, how can you not when your mom forgets your shoes.
After our beach excursion, Gia and I 'lunched' at one of the cafe's recommended by the owners of the home we are renting.  We had the place to ourselves and enjoyed a delicious lunch overlooking the ocean.

As we headed home, I realized it was already after one.  Rather than head home for a short bit and then tackle THE hill again, we decided to go for coffee.  I know.  A bit ridiculous.  But we only have 6 months so we need to make the most of it, right?  Anyway, our timing couldn't have been better.  We were in the cafe 20 minutes when the skies opened up.  We ended up spending the afternoon there until pick up time.  Life is good.
Gia testing the weather.
This little video captured a great 2-year-old moment.  I wanted Gia to tell me she was in Australia, however when I kept asking her where she was she answered honestly, "I right here!" :)  Love my curly girly!