Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Fun day today.  We all walked to ND for the family fun day for the kids.  A bit chillier than usual at 62. Brrrrr!  The intent for family fun day was for faculty to be able to drop their kids at 9 and pick them up 3, but the little Angsts had too much Angst, so I hung around. Super cute fair.  The theme was jungle animals.  The kids decorated cupcakes for 'tea' - the equivalent of our snack time, made masks, played the bongos, had gym, mass, etc.  By the end of the day, both Lily and Caden made some new little friends.  We also had a chance to see Corey's office.

Gia just before her big nap

Petting the 'Echidna'

Bongo jam

Cutest dragon ever

Daddy's office
On the way home we made our daily grocery stop before catching the 501 bus home laden with groceries, fair loot, and animal balloons.  A little Australian girl got on (with her parents) right after us and said, "Oh my daddy.  Look at the lovely balloons!  Can I touch one?"  To which her daddy replied no, that they were not hers.  And she asked, well whose are they?  And he pointed to us and said probably those kids.  So she walked right up to us and said in her cute 6-year-old voice, "So were you at a birthday party to get those balloons and get your face painted?" They all preceded to chat the rest of the bus ride.  It was one of the most adorable things I have ever heard.  As we got off the bus, Caden turned to me and asked if he could have her over for a play date sometime :)

Chicken/avocado/tomato sandwiches for dinner - which originated from my time working at Napoleons all those years go. Nostalgic.  Now will try and keep the kids up for another 1.5 hours...  So tired!

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