Monday, July 29, 2013

A not so manic Monday

I love school starting at 9!  We have such a full day before the day even starts.  The kids are waking by 6:30.  This morning Lily showed us how she learned to make hot chocolate in school Friday (I know, right?) and the kids ate some of their raspberry muffins, did some reading and craft projects.  They then had a second breakfast of cheerios before we all walked to school.

Caden continues to amaze me with how well he has adjusted.  No tears at school yet!  Gia and I did a koala puzzle with him before heading out.  Lily just pops right in!

I packed coloring books and crayons in the stroller for Gia so we headed to George Street this morning for a coffee - which turned into a veggie omelet for me (my stomach is still not recovered from this bug, so I am in search of my familiar pre-Oz diet to help get back to normal) and the largest piece of carrot cake ever for Gia!  Gia managed to eat the frosting only so we took the frosting-less cake with us.

We realized that we uncovered a whole underworld of mommy's here on George Street.  They start with a coffee and then meet up at the play area.  Gia and I are working hard to break-in - kind of.  I am still enjoying the anonymity that comes with moving somewhere new - although it is funny how often I run into my running pals Rachel and Rom.  I am talking like 3 times a day.
Gia, owning the street - shoe-less of course and wearing a coat only after serious negotiation.

We stayed at the play set enjoying the sunny morning until 11:30 before returning home.  Gia devoured a kiwi, which she proudly cut herself, and then we read books until she napped.  And yes, I recognize it is a pretty good schedule.  I just finished Wild by Cheryl Strayed this week and Lean In by another Sheryl Sandberg last week.  Interesting contrasts!

We packed a snack of strawberries and their mint cookies - think Girl Scout Thin Mints with an Andes Mint on top covered in chocolate - for Lily and Caden and headed up in a light rain to pick them up.  I had a chance to meet Lily's Monday teacher, Ms. Nicola.  In Lily's class she has Mrs. Millie Taylor Tu-Fri and Ms. Nicola Vinicombe on Mondays.  Caden has Mrs. Jeanette Howart three days and Mrs. Nicola Sparks (no relation to Nicholas Sparks :) the other two.  Apparently the norm for the teachers to work part-time.  Seems like a good way to give the kids exposure to differing styles, and the teachers a less demanding schedule.

Caden had quite a story today at pickup as to why he had a bandaged knee.  Apparently a little girl was trying to pull him somewhere to "marry" a girl who she said was pretty, but Caden didn't think she was pretty - although he swore he didn't say it aloud.  Gasp!  The highlight of his day was a little obstacle course they had set up.
Out little 'ladies man'.

Lily's highlight was practicing her upcoming 'assembly' where she will play a baby anteater that is upset about deforestation.  We are working on a costume from old toilet paper tubes, a juice cap and tissue paper.  Show is Friday, so we will post pics then.

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