Friday, July 19, 2013

Esplanade, Trains, and Beaches

After a recovery nap, I awoke a beautiful scene of Corey and kids doing their school workbooks on the screen porch :)  I love that man!

We headed into Fremantle with Corey today, by bus 501, as we are realizing that a 25 minute walk with one stroller is too painful for all of us!

We thought there was a carnival down on the wharf, which is actually The Esplanade, and apparently it is there all of the time.  So many interesting birds and gorgeous trees.

The one feature of the Esplanade is a carousel, which costs $12/ticket, or $40 for a family.  I decided to wait until Corey was with us to make the most of the $40!  The kids had a great time on the play sets.  They particularly love the spider-web climbing gym.  Hope we get these by us in Indiana!

That is Lily at the top!

Gia is a little daredevil!

Caden was making friends, asking them their names and where they go to school :)

Lily in the clouds.

Caden playing on his own with some Aussie kids.  Love it!

We then headed to the docks and strolled along - coming across Caden's very own boat!  We are planning to claim it later today :)

We then stopped at one of the more industrial beaches.  Here Lily tried her hand at photography again.  I am trying to be optimistic, viewing 20 pictures of seaweed and waves as artistic.  The best ones are posted below.
A menu.

Self portrait of the artist.

We then stopped in at Corey's office.  The people there are so very nice!  And I am not just saying that because they offered us TimTams (best cookie of all time).  They have been so gracious and kind.  Coming out to engage with the kids, offering to loan Corey a bike, and offering to let us borrow their cars!  So sweet.

The kids and I then set off to take our first train/tram ride to the beach.  What started off as rolling up the pant legs, turned into underwear and t-shirts which became soaked (see progression below).

Attempting the roll up of pants...

Getting closer to getting soaked.

This was so cute.  Kids were doing 'Om' to try and get waves to not hit them. Then they would run as fast as possible into shore.  I was laughing out loud.

This level of happiness is priceless!
We shifted the clothing around so the kids were covered and stopped off for gelato to eat at a little grassy terrace at the beach.  We then fed the seagulls the crust from our earlier picnic lunch, then took a cab home.

Full day!  Sleepy kids.  All in bed at 7 reading Harry Potter.  All asleep by 7:`15 - except for me who made it to a whopping 8pm!  Stayed in bed until 6 today though. I think we are nearly adjusted to the time change - 1 full week.
So peaceful.

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