Friday, July 26, 2013

The unexpected joys

Today was one of those exceedingly happy days.  The day began on a rough note, with Gia and I still sick, and then turned in to a fun stay at home day for us where we colored, read books, painted nails, and had a pretend bakery in the bubble bath.  And maybe a little coffee too made by sweet daddy before he left for the day :)

On top of all the play, I managed to get some chores done, read a couple of blogs I've been wanting to read (Momastery, thanks to Elle and Marta - and I already read my kids the 'Adam letter' (, , and Renascence ( from my talented and amazing friend Leah, and started a new book on e-loan from the library - Wild by Cheryl Strayed.  I dreaded school pickup in the wind and rain, especially with Gia still asleep, but we only got a little bit wet, and we were rain free when the kids actually got out of school.  I love that not having a car makes your get outside, when you definitely would have just hopped in the car.  

After school the kids and I ventured to a new coffee shop on George Street.  So many to try! They actually sold cake pops here - our first siting in Oz.  We made it home in just a few drops of rain.  

The real kicker for the day was an amazing family night.  We headed out in the rain again to try this little Indian restaurant, randomly located at a corner in our neighborhood we pass when we walk to school.  The kids absolutely LOVED Indian food.  Caden suggested we eat there every day :). They called the naan that they filled with their rice, chicken and yogurt sauce 'tacos'. 

After dinner we walked home in the dark, laughing, chatting about school, and admiring the stars.  Lily asked if we could camp out under the stars while in Australia and Caden reminded her about our upcoming camper van trip.  So looking forward to it!  I am so thankful for this experience, especially holding off on getting a car so that we would have these great treks in the rain together with nothing to do but admire the trees, flowers and stars and talk.  
The walk home :)

Once home, we played UNO until bed.  It really was a perfect day.  Lily, Caden and I began tackling the here's Waldo book I picked up at a resell shop -where I am proud to report we found all people and the bonus items - after much staring at the page.  Then we read a bit more of Harry Potter.  Heading to sleep now with a full heart and big smile.  Oh, and one more picture to share - this is the picture Caden drew for me at school.  

It is Caden giving me flowers.  So love that boy!  Did I mention he offered me his coat at the playground this week, unprompted, when he thought I was cold?!?  He is such a sweetie.  So far he has two little girls he loves to play with - Aerial (which she corrects when we say AIR-e-al to ARE-e-al) and Georgia.  He has already asked if he could invite Georgia to visit in Indiana when we have to leave!!!  

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