Thursday, July 18, 2013

East Freo Primary visit

We walked to East Fremantle Primary today to check out the campus,  Skies were the 'Perth blue' we remembered and have continually referred to since our time here prior, and a nice temp of 65.  The school has really nice grounds with 4 play areas and a garden.  We lucked out and ran into a woman entering the main administration building who as I approached saying 'excuse me'... asked if I was Lily's mom.  The accent clearly gave me away.  She happened to be Lily's teacher!  Her name is Millie :)  She gave us a tour of Lily's classroom.  Lily loved it!  She was informed she will be a part of a pageant within the first 2 weeks of school - grandparents - are you coming?!?

Fearless Gia

Our pretend web.  Made me think of Sandberg's analogy of a career progression.

Enjoying the picnic we packed.

Part of East Freo Primary grounds

Swingin' good time.

Sending for Neema for a haircut soon,,,

Kids start school on Tuesday.  Will be so fun AND interesting to have to Gigi all to myself.  When Corey and I walked her to his office yesterday while the other two were in gym, we were doing 1-2-3 swing, and commented that this was probably her first time getting to do this '_'

There are a couple of Jamie Oliver cookbooks in the house which I used for dinner this evening.  We have to light the oven, so I doing everything by grill.  The evening consisted of UNO.  Usually won by Lily, Caden and Gia were the champs this evening.

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